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Student Services

Watch the Peer Helpers Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Forum from Nov. 13, 2019

Student Services Division personnel assist students as they mature and develop during their high school years. Student Services personnel are counselors, deans, social workers, college consultants, and all of the important people who work behind the scenes such as registrars, nurses and the substance abuse prevention team.

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Student Support Groups 2019-20

Student Support Teams

Each student at Stevenson is assigned to a Student Support Team (SST). Each team consists of a coordinator/psychologist, dean, social worker and counselor. The purpose of the team is to coordinate information and services to more fully serve each student at Stevenson High School. Teams meet on a weekly basis to coordinate efforts to help all students.

East SST (Room 6064)

Tricia Ebel / 847-415-4537 
Angela O’Brien / 847-415-4552 (office in West Building)

Office Assistant:
Barb Whalen / 847-415-4504



Social Workers

West SST (Rooms 2414/2412)

Colleen Fischer / 847-415-4551
Angela O’Brien - ELL/ 847-415-4552

Office Assistant:
Tracey Moffat / 847-415-4528



Social Workers

Social Workers Information

The Social Workers at Stevenson High School provide support for students to help positively impact their day-to-day educational experience.

Some of the ways we provide support for students include:

  • Individual and group counseling

  • Suicide and crisis assessments

  • Consulting with teachers and educational staff

  • Advocating for student needs

  • Connecting students with outside resources

  • Participating in the evaluation process for determining eligibility for special education services

  • Providing classroom presentations about mental health and other social/emotional topics

  • Assisting with financial support for families in need

  • Student Support Team interventions and consultation.

Each student is assigned to a Student Support Team (SST) that consists of a social worker, counselor, dean and psychologist. These individuals act as a student’s go-to resources for a variety of issues that may come up during the school day.

Social Workers By SST (Student Support Team)


Claire Burja,Ed.S., NCSP, LCPC
Room 6064 - East Student Services

Tom Edwards,LCSW
Room 6064 - East Student Services

Christina Foss, LCSW
Room 6064 - East Student Services


Sarah LaFrancis, LCSW, M.Ed., CADC
Room 2412 - Gold Student Services

Jen Polisky, LCSW
Room 2414 - Green Student Services

Janet Sushinski, LCSW
Room 2414 - Green Student Services