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Freshman Mentor Program (FMP)

Stevenson High School Freshman Mentor Program (FMP)

The Freshman Mentor Program (FMP) is a comprehensive advisory program that spans the length of freshman year and focuses on helping students create and maintain connections to campus, classmates and community. The FMP upperclassmen mentors are “trusted guides” who help students become familiar with Stevenson’s physical layout, policies, programs, traditions and personnel, while simultaneously developing powerful relationships with each freshman.

The FMP program provides each freshman with:

  • A freshman advisory that meets four days per week for 20 minutes each day during the freshman’s lunch hour.
  • A support group in each advisory that consists of student advisors, a faculty advisor, and an academic counselor.
  • An ongoing orientation to high school that enables students to become familiar with its physical layout, policies, procedures, programs, traditions and personnel.
  • A comfortable environment that allows the student to relax during his/her demanding day.
  • Frequent monitoring of academic progress through individual discussions with a faculty advisor and a counselor.
  • A mechanism for increasing students awareness regarding academic and co-curricular opportunities.
  • An opportunity to participate in study teams and/or have access to tutorial assistance.
  • Articulation of his/her freshman goals for high school.

FMP Sponsors
Zara Dittman, Coordinator

Ashley Rose

Tommy Wolfe