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Student Activities Staff
7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on school days

Dr. Ted Goergen, Director of Student Activities
Dave Eddy, Student Activities Coordinator
Brett Erdmann, Community Service Coordinator
Zara Dittman, Freshman Mentor Program Coordinator
Aaron Wellington, Intramurals Coordinator
Amy Schroeder, Director’s Assistant
Nancy Juckett, Division Assistant
Kelsey Patten, Division Assistant



Senior Service Recognition Application Portal

Senior Service Recognition
A Community Service Graduation Honor For Seniors

In its work to create both lifelong learners and lifelong citizens, Stevenson High School has created an honor for those students dedicated to serving their community. Students who show a sustained commitment to community service over the course of their high school career will be recognized during the commencement ceremony. 

Seniors only may apply for this honor if they have completed 4-10 significant, long-term community service experiences during their four years in high school. These experiences may be completed anywhere.

“significant, long-term” experience is defined as:

  • Multiple days in duration (not just a one-time event)

  • Equal to or greater than a full work week total over the course of an entire high school career (40 hours minimum)

  • Related to a personal goal of the student and tied to at least one United Nations global goal (discussed in a student reflection when submitting the application)

Recognized seniors will receive a special tassel to be worn at their graduation ceremony.

Service Experience Qualifying Criteria
In order for service experiences to be verified in the application process, they must meet the following criteria and be approved by a non-family member adult:

    *  Service activities are done on behalf of others (not including immediate family members).

    *  The primary intent of the activity is to aid and assist others for the good of the community.

    *  No compensation (grade, class credit, monetary or other) has been given.

    *  Service activities must be done outside the school day or during unscheduled time.

    *  The acts of service must promote the values incorporated in the Stevenson High School Vision and Values Statement.

How to Maintain a Service Portfolio
Stevenson High School uses an online community service registration and verification program called InnerView ( Every student in the school receives a login and password through his or her Stevenson email account. (If you did not receive this email or forgot your password, please go to, go to login and click on "forgot password.” Type in your Stevenson email address and InnerView will email you the password.)

InnerView allows students to record their own community service experiences, documenting them with written reflections and photos. InnerView also allows students to sign up for some community service experiences directly through the platform. While maintaining a portfolio on InnerView, it is critical to document the work and record adult sponsor information (emails and phone numbers). Students will also want to have conversations with these adult sponsors to inform them that they will be using them as contacts for later service verification, so that the adults will be prepared.

Students will use information compiled in their InnerView accounts to complete applications for NHS, Senior Service Recognition, Inspiring Service Awards, and many other opportunities.

Application Process
Online applications are due for seniors on Friday, March 15, 2019Visit this link for the online application.

The application process will require:

  • Service and adult contact information that has been collected from InnerView and other sources.  

  • A 30-second video explaining why community service is personally important to the student.

  • Written reflections in response to prompts.

A committee of teachers and school officials will call or email all adult contacts to verify service work.

For more information on senior service recognition, contact Mr. Erdmann at 847-415-4418 or


Jostens website

Jostens 2019-20 Schedule for Stevenson

Senior Class Picture/Meeting
Wed., Oct. 2, during Activity Period, Sports Center

Class Ring Orders
Wed.-Thurs., Oct. 2-3, during lunch periods, Wood Commons

Cap and Gown Orders
Thurs.-Fri., Oct. 10-11, all day, Patriot Lobby (near Room 2400)

Cap and Gown Make-Up
Mon., Nov. 4, during lunch periods, Wood Commons

Class Ring Pick-Up
Fri., Dec. 6, during lunch periods, Wood Commons

Graduation Announcement Delivery
Thurs., March 19, seventh and eighth periods, Wood Commons

Cap and Gown Pick-Up
Tues., April 21, all day, lower West Building lobby

Student Council

The purpose of Student Council is to help improve Stevenson High School. Student Council is the major vehicle for communication between students, the Board of Education, and the administration. In fact, a member of Student Council sits with the Board of Education during its monthly meetings. The council is responsible for planning and organizing many of the school’s social events. Members from each class are selected by application to form the nucleus of the Student Council.

Student Council has unlimited membership. Student Council meets every day during third period in Room 1102. Students are expected to have third hour free unless there is an immovable conflict in their class schedule.

Mr. Soszko
Mr. Eddy 
Ms. Sponseller

Named 2010-11 Student Council of the Year by the Northeast District of Illinois Association of Student Councils

How to Propose a New Club/Organization

Students who want to propose the creation of a new club or organization at Stevenson must submit an application to the Student Activities Office. Use this link to download the application.

There is one deadline each semester for new club applications. See the link for deadlines.

After the completed packet has been returned to the Student Activities Office, the application goes through the following process:

  1. Review of application by the Director of Student Activities for school-sponsored clubs and conditions for school-recognized club (see page 7-8).
  2. Student leaders present to Student Leadership Advisory Council (SLAC) subcommittee.
  3. Recommendation by the SLAC subcommittee to Director of Student Activities for acceptance or rejection of the club as a school-sponsored club or school-recognized club.
  4. The final decision of acceptance or rejection of the club is made by the Director of Student Activities and Principal.
  5. If a club is accepted as a school-sponsored club, the club will be on “pilot” status for two full semesters, and a specific plan to start as a school-sponsored pilot club will be developed by the advisor, students and Student Activities Director.