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How to Update IPadOS to 14.4
(published Jan. 27, 2021)

If your iPadOS is less than 13.1, please make an appointment at the SMARTdesk BEFORE you update!

What is iPadOS14.4?

Steps to update to iPadOS 14.4

EXPECT it to take at least one hour to to download and install the iOS update.

Before you get started:

  • Make sure you are signed into iCloud and the App Store with your SHS Apple ID.

  • Before you make any updates, backup your SHS iPad to iCloud. See this link for information on iCloud backup:

  • Check your local storage to make sure you have at least 3 GB of open storage so that the iOS can download and install. The iOS needs 2.25 GB of space. Click this link for information on local storage. If you don't have enough, remove content from your SHS iPad. It is often photos, videos and games.

  • Make sure your iCloud has enough available space to back up the iPad. See this link for information on iCloud storage: .

  • PLUG your SHS iPad into a power source, preferably to an outlet and not a computer.

  • Connect to a Wireless network.

The only way to update your SHS iPad is wirelessly.

Install iPadOS 14.4 update: tap Settings > General > Software Update

Follow the directions to download and install the update.

Extra information for the install process:

  1. If your device is passcode enabled, it will ask you to enter the passcode before installing the update.
  2. Make sure to Enable Location Services.
  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  4. You may have to enter your SHS Apple ID password.
  5. Please do NOT set up 2 Factor Authentication. If you run into a screen that says Apple ID Security, make sure to hit Other Options, then Don’t Upgrade. If prompted, do not put in your personal cell phone number.
  6. If you have accidentally turned on 2 Factor Authentication, please contact the SMARTdesk

Post Update

  1. Look for all your school data. If you are missing data, you may have to restore your backup from BEFORE the update. Visit the SMARTdesk for help with this process.
  2. App Updates. Some Apps need to be updated with iPadOS 14.4. Use our Self Service app and “Reinstall” them.
  3. Make sure that your data is backing up to iCloud, you will have to manually set this setting.

If you encounter issues, please email the SMARTdesk: We will see what can be done remotely. If not, the iPad will need to visit the SMARTdesk.