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Incoming Freshmen

Students walk by a %22living wall%22 at Stevenson High School

Incoming Freshmen Family Orientation Webinar

The Incoming Freshmen Family Orientation was held on Wednesday, Jan. 13 at 7 p.m. View a recording below: 

Live Q&A Virtual Tables

Click on any of the following to discuss/learn more about these academic divisions, organizations and groups. 

These Zoom links will not be live until after the Orientation Webinar on Jan. 13.


Host: Katie Hyken


Host: Trish Betthauser


Hosts: Sonny Petway, Caitlin McGovern

Business Education

Host: Jackie King


Host: Li Ye


Host: Kirstin Snelten

Communication Arts/Literacy

Host: Doug Lillydahl


Host: Wendy Custable


Hosts: Tiffany Van Cleaf, Angela Dauphin, Melinda Criglar, Janet Rothwell

Driver Education

Host: Courtney Bresnen

Family and Consumer Education

Host: Christina Erickson


Host: Valerie Miceli

Freshman Mentor Program

Host: Zara Dittman


Host: Anna Gorbikoff


Hosts: Host: Tianzhou Ye, Chris Mural


Host: Darshan Jain

Physical Welfare

Host: Eric Ramos

School Store

*Not a zoom link, but this is the link to our online store. Check out our current gear!


Host: Steve Wood

Strings (Orchestra & Guitar)

Hosts: Enrique Vilaseco, Michale Tseitlin, Anthony Krempa

Student Activities

Host: Ted Goergen

Summer School

Host: Anthony Reibel


Hosts: Abra Chusid, Joey Fitzpatrick

World Languages/EL

Host: Justin Fisk

Welcome from Student Services

Dear SHS Students & Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the Patriot Family! We know that the transition from eighth grade to high school is both exciting and filled with many questions. Please know that members of the Student Services Division are here to help you navigate the high school journey as you explore the many classes, activities, programs, resources and other adventures that await!

The pages of this Transitions Guide are filled with information about the important events that will take place over the next several months to ensure a smooth transition to high school. The answers to many of your questions may be found in this guide. Please review this guide carefully and mark your calendars with the dates of upcoming events.

For your information, you may always reach Stevenson High School by calling our switchboard at (847) 415-4000 between 7:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. on any school day. You may also contact departments directly. Many of these phone numbers may be found in this guide and are also located on our website.

Stevenson High School is a special place with countless opportunities inside our classrooms and beyond! We look forward to working with your family over the next four years!

Kind regards,

Sarah Bowen

Cover of the 2021-22 Transition Guide for incoming freshmen

Incoming Freshman Transitions Guide

The Incoming Freshman Guide has information on important events that will take place over the next several months to ensure a smooth transition to your time at Stevenson High School. The answers to many questions may be found in this booklet. Please review the guide and mark your calendars of upcoming event dates. 

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