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Theatre Productions

Stevenson High School Theatre Productions Club

The Theatre Department offers students the opportunity to apply and hone the acting, technical and ensemble skills they learn in their theatre classes in five co-curricular productions each year beginning in August and running through April. Students must audition for acting roles and apply for production staff as well as technical leadership roles. However, after some basic safety training, all students are welcome to participate in entry-level technical crew roles including: set, lighting, sound, costume/makeup and running crews.


Rehearsals and crew calls are every day after school. Each production will have its own schedule, which will be provided to students as the production commences. Students are expected to attend all of their scheduled rehearsals, including technical rehearsals in the weeks leading up to the production, at which time rehearsals will run into the evening.


Students must be passing five academic classes in order to attend rehearsals, crew calls, and participate in performances.


Contact a sponsor for more information and to learn about meeting times/location, or visit Student Activities with questions.

Students will need to audition for acting parts and apply for crew and production staff leadership roles. Crew members must attend basic safety training prior to starting crew work on a show.

Students should check the theatre audition pages on the District website fine arts page in order to find out where to sign up for auditions and which director to contact for production staff and crew positions.


Each show is different depending on the cast size and the complexity of the technical needs.


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