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Peer Helpers

Peer Helpers at Suicide Prevention Forum

Peer Helpers are leaders who show great character, kindness and an openness and appreciation for others. They staff the Student Lounge, a safe place students go to talk, relax, obtain resources or eat their lunch. The program offers support for students by providing peer counseling and school wide campaigns.

2nd Annual Mental Health Forum

This virtual event, held April 9, 2021, included students, faculty and community providers discussing various mental health topics in order to help educate one another and help break the stigmas associated with mental health.

Selected students must participate in an extensive summer training, attend Wednesday meetings and spend one lunch period per week staffing the Student Lounge throughout the school year.

Peer Helpers are sophomores through seniors who are selected after an application/interview process and obtaining faculty recommendations. Meetings and following the SHS co-curricular code of conduct are mandatory.

Learn more by speaking with Peer Helpers during lunch periods in the Student Lounge. Apply in the spring for the following school year. Contact a sponsor for more information and to learn about meeting times/location, or visit Student Activities with questions.

Maximum 50-60 students

Sarah LaFrancis

Danielle Colletti

Watch the Peer Helpers Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Forum from Nov. 13, 2019