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Stevenson High School Kiva Club

Kiva raises money and lends it to entrepreneurs in economically developing countries who are looking to start a business. The entrepreneurs then pay back the loan to our club so we can use that money to loan to other entrepreneurs. Kiva teaches compassion, economic skills, dedication and cultural awareness. Kiva is a national organization.

Participation is required in our fundraising events as well as deciding which eligible candidates get loans.


Contact a current Executive Board member or a sponsor for more information and to learn about meeting times/location, or visit Student Activities with questions.

Maximum 150 students

Anthony Reibel

Darshan Jain

Kiva Club Presents S-Factor 2021

S-Factor is Kiva Club's annual singing competition in which you, the audience, gets to choose the winner! All proceeds will go towards loans for entrepreneurs in economically developing countries.

This year, S-Factor will be held via Zoom on March 19, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. We will be using the poll feature on Zoom to conduct voting, so you must be logged in on your own device for your vote to count. Tickets are $5.00 each and one ticket buys you one device login to the show. Be sure to buy your tickets by 5:00 p.m. on March 19!

When purchasing tickets, please fill out the attached Google form with information about each attendee. If you purchase more than 5 tickets, please fill out the form again for the remaining attendees

Kiva presents S-Factor Signing Competition. Scan the QR code for more information

Contestants: Amita Nair, Varsha Vinod, Megan Eisenstein, Caylie Chattin, Ashwini Narayanan, Arjun Nair, Rebecca Arvold, Lucy Cunningham, Stella Tapia López, Astrid Ariana, Anuha Jalasutram, Tvishi Krishnakumar, Jo Song

Emcees: Sophia Zhuang, Niketh Bynagari, Daksh Guard, Layla Wang

Kiva Eboard: Sayalee Patankar, Lindsey Grant, Amy Choi, Pranav Meraga, Sahan Yalavarthi, Abigail Cabrera, Kayal Lavari, Luke Snider, Blake Finkel, Anish Nadella, Phil Edat, Suhas Palwai