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Stevenson High School Kiva Club

Stevenson's KIVA Club is one of the largest service organizations here on campus. At KIVA(an international service organization), members will have the opportunity to be a part of a global impact, changing and transforming the lives of entrepreneurs in countries with emerging economies. KIVA consistently raises thousands of dollars through events with local community organizations, large school-wide events, and club-challenges that enable members to collaborate and design effective fundraising solutions. At the heart of Stevenson's KIVA Club lies the essence of empowerment. KIVA is not just about finances; it's about turning dreams into reality. We rally behind entrepreneurs in developing economies, offering them a chance to bring their business aspirations to life. If you're interested in joining a community of change-makers, leaders, and volunteers passionate about finance, economics, entrepreneurship, service, or leadership, then KIVA's the place for you!

Fun Fact: The word "kiva" derives from the Hopi language, where it represents a place of unity, connection, and spiritual significance. We hope that you can join our KIVA community to help entrepreneurs and individuals uplift themselves and their communities through financial support, empowerment, and collaboration.

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Participation is required in our fundraising events as well as deciding which eligible candidates get loans.




Contact a current Executive Board member or a sponsor for more information and to learn about meeting times/location, or visit Student Activities with questions.


Maximum 150 students


Anthony Reibel

Darshan Jain