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KIVA Club members representing the club

Service Clubs at Stevenson

Why do we serve?

Service is a meaningful way for students to take direct action towards causes that align with their values. Service is fulfilling and truly a privilege for Stevenson students to engage in. Whatever it is that students want to work towards, be it sustainability, aid/relief, equality, education etc., Stevenson students have many opportunities to volunteer through co-curriculars and local organizations.

Stevenson High School does not track service hours. We value the impact, reflection, authenticity and outcome of each service experience. Stevenson emphasizes quality over quantity when it comes to service.

Criteria for Stevenson approved service experiences:

  • Service activities are done on behalf of others (not including immediate family members.)
  • The primary intent of the activity is to aid and assist others for the good of the community.
  • No compensation (grade, class credit, monetary or other) has been given.
  • Service activities must be done outside the school day or during unscheduled time.
Service Clubs at Stevenson