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The WIT and The Sole

Stevenson High School The Wit & The Half-Wit

The WIT is Stevenson High School’s nationally award-winning literary magazine. The Sole (the underclassman Wit) is the literary magazine designed specifically for freshmen and sophomores. Both magazines showcase the incredible student fiction, poetry, prose, drama, raps, musical scores and, of course, art. The club brings together students who love to read, who take the responsibility to judge student writing and learn the skills, including Adobe products like InDesign and Photoshop, to produce a gorgeous magazine.






Contact a sponsor for more information and to learn about meeting times/location, or visit Student Activities with questions.




Robert Zagorski

Jim Barnabee

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Ordering The Sole

We're excited to be calling for orders of this year's freshman and sophomore literary magazine, The Sole. If you would like a copy of magazine for yourself, use the QR code to fill out the form to order a magazine. Complete your order by Friday, Dec. 15.

Order The Sole Here


cover for The WIT 2023

The WIT 2023
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digital artwork of a stitched doll with purple bubbles

The Sole 2023
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cover for The WIT 2022

The WIT 2022
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cover of the Half-Wit 2022 edition

The Half-Wit 2022
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a painting of a woman's face

The WIT 2021
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a pencil drawing of a cherub angel and plant

The Half-Wit 2021
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artwork of a woman's face blended onto a world map

The WIT 2020
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artwork depiction of a skull decorated with flowers and plant fauna

The Half-Wit 2020
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