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Statesman Newspaper

Stevenson High School Statesman Newspaper

Joining the Statesman not only means that you get to take part in writing and designing a news magazine read by over 4,000 people, but it also means that you join a family. The support and friendships that come from this class are incomparable, with the whole staff joining together to create nine annual issues.


  • Attend class daily
  • Participate in 10-15 monthly “layout nights” after-school until about 9 p.m. (design and lay out the Statesman). We get dinner, hang out and work in the computer lab.
  • Pass out each new issue of newspaper before school starts.
  • Attend two to four all day field trips each year.

Students must have completed Journalistic Writing and Advanced Journalistic Writing courses prior to joining. Both courses provide students with a base of knowledge in terms of writing and design and prepare them for positions on the school newspaper.

The Statesman is a scheduled daily class. Additional work may be required after school as needed. Contact the sponsor for more information and to learn about meeting times/location, or visit Student Activities with questions.

Maximum 30-40 students

Dean Bradshaw

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