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Science Olympiad Team

group photo of 2023 Science Olympiad National Champions

Science Olympiad team members are self-motivated, self-directed learners who possess a love of active, hands-on science experiences. They are passionate learners willing to devote time and effort preparing for competition while having fun. Topics include: cell biology, anatomy, physiology, epidemiology, ecology, remote sensing, land management, geology, hydrogeology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, music, robotics, engineering, and aeronautics.


Regularly scheduled practices, invitational, regional, state and national competitions as applicable.


Individual must possess a desire to excel and enjoy competition. 


Contact a sponsor for more information and to learn about meeting times/location, or visit Student Activities with questions.


The initial membership is unlimited but will be reduced as team progresses in competitions, due to Science Olympiad Org rules.


Ryan Korah

Ann Maine

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