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Report an Absence

If you are reporting any type of absence, you are reporting that your student is NOT in the building. The SHS attendance record is a reflection of each student who is physically present at Stevenson High School.

Students may not be excused from class to study or take an assessment. If your student is reported as absent, but still in the building, they will be found to be in violation of the Student Guidebook and will be addressed by their Dean.

Attendance Reporting Procedure

In an effort to ensure accurate daily attendance counts, please be sure to report student absences as soon as possible. The attendance reporting system is functional 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Messages may be left in any language. There is only one method to report an absence.

Attendance Office Telephone Answering System
  1. Call 847-415-4000 and press 2
  2. Provide your student’s name and ID number
  3. Date of absence
  4. Reason for absence
Illness/Full Day Absences

Please follow the above procedure. Students who have been reported ill may not come to campus for any reason that day.

Pre-Arranged Absence

Please follow the above procedure and make arrangements with your student’s teachers.

Appointments/Partial Day Absence

Please follow the above procedure. All late arrivals and early departures must be conducted via the attendance office in Room 5024 or 2416 via the sign in/out procedures. Any student arriving late or leaving early MUST visit an attendance office. Additionally, students will be required to scan their ID’s in order to leave and re-enter the building.

Technology Campus Absence

Please follow the above procedure for SHS AND call the Lake County Tech Campus at 847-223-6681.

Please Note
  • All calls must be made by a parent or guardian.
  • If unable to participate in Physical Education, please contact the