Patriot Parent Association

About the PPA

The PPA (Patriot Parent Association) is a volunteer organization for parents and guardians of Stevenson High School students that provides fundraising and programming for student-related activities at school.

To join the PPA, email Tracey Wright at

Your contribution to the PPA supports the following in either time (volunteering) or financial support:

  • Odyssey fine arts festival
  • Showcase variety show
  • Freshman Mixer and Senior Class Party
  • Bake sales
  • Administration wish list items
  • Mini-buses for student transportation to events, games and field trips
  • Free Cookie and Treat Days for the students
  • Staff hospitality breakfast and lunches
  • School-wide directory app for mobile devices and tablets

Another perk of being a PPA member is that you are welcome to attend our meetings, in which Superintendent Dr. Eric Twadell, Principal Troy Gobble or another member of Stevenson’s administration will be in attendance to share information on current and upcoming events at the school.

2019-20 PPA Calendar (PDF)

2019-20 Meeting Dates
Tuesday, Aug. 13
Tuesday, Sept. 3
Tuesday, Oct. 1
Tuesday, Dec. 3
Wednesday, Feb. 12
Tuesday, April 14
Tuesday, May 12

Finally, by showing your support as a PPA member at Stevenson, you will ultimately help shape your student’s high school experience.

PPA Bylaws (PDF)


The PPA has several opportunities for you to volunteer and be part of the Stevenson community. See the list of PPA volunteer opportunities below.

If you have questions about volunteering with the PPA, please contact:

Kristin Keevins

Once in the volunteer database, you will receive requests from PPA leaders via email based on your interests. If the request is something that you are able to help with, please respond to receive more information. 

To ensure the safety of students and staff, we require all volunteers to complete a background check. This is free to volunteers but must be renewed every four years. Results of the background check are kept confidential and remain on file at the District 125 Administration Center. 

PPA Volunteer Positions

Freshman Mixer
This dance is usually held the first Friday evening of the school year. Volunteers are needed to help with decorations, snacks and chaperoning the event. 

Homecoming and Winterfest Week Festivities 
Two days during the weeks of Homecoming and Winterfest are "Dec the Halls." Students decorate their class’ assigned halls throughout the school. Parents are needed to help organize and put up decorations.

SHS’s annual variety show. Parents are needed during auditions, rehearsals, show nights and ticket sales. (October, February and March)

Bake Sales 
Parents are needed to bring in treats for the PPA bake sales which occur bi-monthly. Volunteers are also needed to set up and sell the treats to students. 

Staff Hospitality - Teacher Appreciation Meals
The PPA provides a Welcome Back to School breakfast for the staff in August and a lunch in May during Teacher Appreciation Week. Volunteers are needed to help bake, buy, cut-up fruit and serve.

Cookie/Treat Days
Five times a year, the PPA provides these goodies for the students and staff. Parents are needed to distribute the cookies and treats.

Co-Curricular Fair
Volunteers are needed to work the PPA table at this event in March, assisting parents who are new to Stevenson.

Family Directory App

My School Anywhere App/Student Directory

PPA members are given access to the Stevenson HS Online Directory. The directory provides a complete list of Stevenson students and families. The app provides email addresses, cell and landline numbers, home addresses, and allows you to click on an address and get directions. It's a great resource for parents and students alike.

Reminder: The Stevenson High School Directory (MySchoolAnywhere app) is a service of the PPA and is available solely for the convenience of parents, staff, and students of Stevenson High School. This directory is not to be used for solicitation or for commercial use for any purpose.

Executive Board

Patriot Parent Association (PPA)
Executive Board 2019-20

Tracey Wright   847-946-9337
Gayle Stein   847-814-4396
Co-Vice Presidents      
Christina Angelos   847-507-6635
Susie White   773-383-1850
Debbie Lubotsky   847-951-9390
Missy Stevens   612-747-7222
Corresponding Secretary     
Vicki Wolpoff   773-841-2107
Public Relations Secretary    
Tania Surane   847-744-0136
Social Media Secretary    
Julie Bratton   224-388-0930

Committee Chairs

Freshman Class Reps    
Robin Babbo   773-610-8571
Yulee Lee   847-345-0525
Sophomore Class Reps    
Karyn Gitler   847-736-0325
Julie Walsh   847-668-4672
Junior Class Reps    
Mara Lewis   847-977-8745
Jodi Schwartz   847-922-0670
Senior Class Reps    
Mary Walker   224-558-4055
Sandy Simon   847-812-2357
Bake Sale    
Amy Neault   847-550-9123
Elyse Ward   847-420-1325
Beth Ann Fell   773-551-0934
Jennifer Frankel   847-770-0414    DJF1199@yahoo.comm
Anna Harris   847-209-8251
Angie Park   847-331-7275
Joanne Porto   847-331-3084
Stacy Szwejbka   847-772-8246
Guidebooks & Fundraising     
Tanya Zivin   312-504-4165
Melissa Mondschain   847-275-1137
Staff Hospitality    
Melissa Gordon   847-528-4451
Karen McGhee   847-951-8072
Jennifer Uremovich   847-793-0318
Student Cookie/Treat Day    
Karen Hartwell   847-971-9404
Julie Kramer   224-789-8709
Maria Papageorgiou   847-366-3900


Current list of PPA Committees and Responsibilities
All class representatives, in addition to the duties listed below, are expected to follow their class throughout their four years at Stevenson and to eventually take a lead role in the Senior Class Party.
All committee chairpersons are requested to actively attend the general meetings and volunteer for PPA-related events.

Freshmen Class Representatives 
Coordinate throughout the year with the Freshman Class Board and teacher representatives for Homecoming and Winterfest “Dec the Halls” activities. Organize along with the FMP’s and Student Activities the Freshman Mixer Dance in August, including arranging parent volunteers (with help from the PPA Volunteer Coordinator).

Sophomore Class Representatives
Coordinate throughout the year with the Sophomore Class Board teacher representatives for Homecoming and Winterfest Dec the Halls activities. Request donations for sale during Showcase; proceeds benefit the Sophomore Class Board.

Junior Class Representatives
Coordinate throughout the year with the Junior Class Board and teacher representatives for Homecoming and Winterfest Dec the Halls activities. Shadow and support the Senior Class Representatives to understand and learn the requirements for the next year as Senior Class Representatives.

Senior Class Representatives
Coordinate throughout the year with the Senior Class Board and teacher representatives for Homecoming and Winterfest Dec the Halls activities. Coordinate and manage the Senior Class Party event held at the end of the school year; included but not limited to pre-sales and bus assignments. Also coordinate with Stevenson's assistant principal of operations and/or the director of facilities. Attend the Senior Class Party as a representative of the PPA.

Bake Sale
Conduct weekly to bi-weekly bake sales to raise money for continued support of PPA events and programs.

Coordinate and confirm the order quantity of the student guidebook and distribution. Coordinate and schedule volunteers for orientation days and track sales. Identify and coordinate other fundraising events that may arise during the school year.

Plan and manage the annual Showcase talent show to be held in April to include volunteers, audition sign-ups, auditions, rehearsals, maintain SHS standards, tickets, programs, security, facilities and other necessary resources.

Staff Hospitality
Organize teacher breakfasts or lunches in August and May (during Teacher Appreciation Week) including shopping for food, set-up, serving and clean up.

Student Treats/Cookie Days
Organize three cookie days per year for the students on Homecoming Friday, Winterfest Friday, and Spring Fling Friday. Organize two treat days the week before semester final exams. Order, pick up and deliver the cookies to the school. Coordinate and schedule volunteers for cookie distributions in the Wood Commons and Glass Commons (by the PAC).

Financial Guidelines

Patriot Parent Association must use these guidelines for any PPA money matters:

Cash Boxes

  • Please contact Jamie Epstein, cashbox/deposit treasurer, at least three days prior to funds being needed for a cash box. For all requests, fill out the Request for Cash and Cashbox form.
  • Deposits of all fundraising revenue occurring on school premises must be deposited before leaving the building. Please see the information below regarding deposits.


  • Please contact Debbie Lubotsky, disbursements treasurer. The PPA has a P-card and Sam’s Club card which allows our volunteers to make tax-exempt purchases. To use these cards, please contact Barb at least one week prior to the date the purchase will be made. A PPA P-card is required to pay for purchases and the money will be directly deducted from our bank account. You will need to return both cards promptly after your purchase and complete a P-card Purchases summary and submit that and your receipts.
  • The PPA uses Stevenson sales tax-exempt number. Please present the Sales Tax Exemption letter to the vendor for any PPA purchases. Please use the tax exempt form only for PPA purchases.


Receipts are needed for all reimbursements. Please use the PPA Request for Payment Form to request a reimbursement. You need to submit the form back to the disbursements treasurer, who will then approve and submit the information to the School Operations Office. You may choose to have the reimbursement mailed to you or you may pick it up at Stevenson. Contact Debbie Lubotsky for more information.

In the event that cash is spent during an event, please submit documentation along with the PPA Request for Payment Form. Do not pay for supplies/bills from a cash box.


Contact Jamie Epstein for deposit envelopes. Or, you can use your own secure envelope but need to include this detailed information:
• The date
• Received of - your name
• Collected for - include PPA and your event/committee
• Total included in the envelope (count bills and checks only, it is not necessary to count coins). All checks should be made payable to Stevenson PPA.

Return deposits using the required envelope either to the PPA treasurer or drop the sealed envelope in one of the school lock boxes located at the door to the Patriot Superstore in the Wood Commons, the custodial door by the Recital Hall in the Glass Commons, or the door inside the School Operations Office (Room 2426).

Please call our Co-Treasurers, Jamie Epstein or Debbie Lubotsky, if you have any questions regarding PPA funds.

PPA Co-Treasurer (disbursements)
Debbie Lubotsky

PPA Co-Treasurer (deposits & cash boxes)
Jamie Epstein