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COVID-19 Updates

As we continue navigating the uncharted waters of this novel coronavirus, we are first and foremost committed to maintaining a safe teaching and learning environment that supports the academic and social-emotional needs of all our students. 

As you would expect, we communicate regularly with officials from the Lake County Health Department (LCHD). At their recommendation, we closely monitor COVID-19 incidence rates for our District 125 communities and Lake County. This regional and local data helps us to understand where the virus is spreading and the potential impact of its transmission in our communities and on our Stevenson campus.

The data also informs our decision-making on appropriate mitigation strategies and the potential for safely engaging in on-campus activities. For more information about our data collection and monitoring approach, please refer to the Parent Letter that was sent on Oct. 19.

Below are our current metrics. For our most recent campus updates, policies and procedures, please review the information below the graph.