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Athletic Program Vision and Values

Created October 2003-January 2004 by the SHS Athletic Task Force
Approved Feb. 17, 2004 by the District 125 Board of Education

Mission Statement

Stevenson High School is an exemplary learning community. To ensure future development and growth in the Interscholastic Athletic Program, the school must have a clear sense of what the athletic program is to accomplish and the contributions that will be made by the various stakeholders.
The vision and values will be based upon the fundamental purpose for the existence of the athletic program.

An exemplary high school athletic program exists in order to:
• Enhance and support the broader educational vision and values of the school.
• Promote and develop the emotional, mental, physical, social growth, and personal responsibility
of students within the context of a competitive environment.
Vision and Values

The expectations and responsibilities for coaches, student-athletes, parents, and the Administrative Leadership Team are spelled out below:

Student-Athlete Expectations and Responsibilities

1. The student athletes of Stevenson High School will be committed to the school athletic program on and off season by:

• Following the rules set by the coaches and the school.
• Participating enthusiastically.
• Making appropriate personal sacrifices for the good of the team.
• Recognizing that student participation in athletics is a privilege.
• Setting challenging and realistic goals.
• Developing a winning attitude.
• Maintaining high academic standards.
• Being committed to skill development in their sport.

2. The student athletes of Stevenson High School will communicate openly and honestly with respect for coaches, teammates, parents, officials, and opponents by:

• Developing a team attitude.
• Being coachable and open to constructive feedback.
• Sharing appropriate individual and team concerns with the coaching staff.

3. The student athletes of Stevenson High School will demonstrate good citizenship and sportsmanship by:

• Behaving with integrity.
• Exhibiting pride in their team and school.
• Playing by the rules.
• Accepting responsibility as a role model for others.
• Supporting other sports and under-level teams.
• Playing with dignity and grace, regardless of winning or losing.

4. The student athletes of Stevenson High School will develop and maintain mental and physical (health) behaviors by:

• Being alcohol and drug free.
• Practicing self-discipline.
• Demonstrating good personal health habits.
• Dealing with challenges in a positive manner.

Coach Expectations and Responsibilities

1. The coaches will maintain a role of coach as professional and will keep the role of coach in proper perspective by: 

• Developing and communicating clear and specific goals for the team and individual players throughout tryouts and the season.
• Maintaining open and honest communication with students, parents, and other coaches.
• Developing and demonstrating a good knowledge base of best practice specific to their coaching arena.
• Supporting and collaborating with coaches in other athletic programs.
• Modeling and teaching skills necessary to succeed.
• Supporting student academic expectations, responsibilities, and achievements.
• Developing the knowledge and understanding of Stevenson policies and procedures as it applies to athletics.
• Promoting and enforcing the student athlete code of conduct.

2. The coaches will be positive role models in personal management, appearance, ethics, and behavior by:

• Connecting athletic experiences with life experiences.
• Providing an atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration among coaches and players.
• Becoming an integral part of, and developing rapport with, the Stevenson community including administration, coaches, parents, and students.
• Modeling good sportsmanship at all times.
• Creating and maintaining a safe and healthy environment for student athletes.
• Understanding their leadership style and its impact on student athletes.
• Considering important commitments of student athletes outside their sports.

Parent Expectations and Responsibilities

1. The parents will communicate fairly and openly with coaches by:

• Communicating openly, honestly, and with respect.
• Communicating issues and concerns in a timely manner including those of physical and emotional well-being on behalf of their student.
• Following an appropriate chain of communication such as:

- Parent and Coach/Assistant Coach
- Parent and Athletic Director
- Parent/Principal/Superintendent

• Attending parent meetings and reading information disseminated by the coaches.

2. The parents will demonstrate good sportsmanship by displaying the following behaviors:

• Providing support for coaches and officials in order to provide a positive, enjoyable experience for all student athletes.
• Understanding the game is for the students and not for the adults.
• Recognizing that student participation in athletics is a privilege.
• Using good sportsmanship as a spectator and conduct themselves in a manner that reflects well on both the team and the school.
• Promoting the team by being supportive and helpful of the school program.
• Refraining from coaching their student from the stands or sidelines.
• Expecting consistent student attendance at practices and games.

3. The parents will create a positive and supportive environment to promote their student/athlete's well-being by:

• Supporting good conditioning and healthy life style habits.
• Placing the emotional and physical well-being of their student ahead of any personal desire to win.
• Expecting their student to play in a safe and healthy environment.
• Supporting their student in planning how to meet their academic responsibilities given the demands of training and practice.
• Being a role model for other parents by remaining positive at sporting events.

Administrative Leadership Team Expectations and Responsibilities

1. The Administrative Leadership Team will provide the best available facilities for student-athletes, ensuring safety and quality at all times by: 

• Scheduling for effective allocation and maximum utilization of facilities.
• Prioritizing requests from coaches, staff, and buildings and grounds for maintenance and improvements.
• Developing a strong relationship among building and grounds, maintenance, and athletic staff.

2. The Administrative Leadership Team of Stevenson High School will ensure a level of excellence in the coaching staff by:

• Seeking out and hiring coaches with excellent qualifications, experience, and motivation.
• Providing opportunities for continuing growth in the coaching profession (i.e. clinics, camps, etc.).
• Hosting preseason meetings with all coaches in each sport at the beginning of each season.
• Facilitating effective post-season performance reviews with each coach and seek their input for program improvement.

3. The Administrative Leadership Team of Stevenson High School will establish, maintain, and ensure the enforcement of an athletic code of conduct by:

• Providing a reasonable and fair athletic code of conduct.
• Educating students, coaches, parents, and community members as to the bylaws of the code of conduct.
• Facilitating effective collaboration between Stevenson High School athletics, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programs.
• Enforcing the Athletic Code of Conduct.

4. The Administrative Leadership Team of Stevenson High School will demonstrate they value athletics and athletic endeavors by:

• Attending athletic contests of various sports and levels.
• Attending various preseason player/parent/coach team meetings.
• Developing rapport regarding athletics with players, coaches, parents, and the community at large.
• Ensuring the fair recognition of athletes that supports all interscholastic sports.

5. The Administrative Leadership Team of Stevenson High School will encourage and promote good sportsmanship and community participation by:

• Becoming role models of good sportsmanship.
• Ensuring the Stevenson High School community will become educated in regard to IHSA Sportsmanship Bylaws.
• Ensuring consistent enforcement of IHSA Sportsmanship Bylaws.

6. The Administrative Leadership Team of Stevenson High School will maintain an open channel of communication regarding athletic programs by:

• Creating mechanisms for communication between each group of stakeholders in the athletic community.
• Ensuring student athletes play in a safe and healthy environment.