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Fine Arts at SHS


Jon Grice, Director of Fine Arts

Julie Jensen, Administrative Assistant

Fine Arts Faculty and Staff Directory

The Stevenson High School Fine Arts Division provides much more than a classroom experience for our students and is comprised of the departments of Dance, Music, Odyssey, Theatre, and Visual Arts. Each department offers studio, non-performing, and performing settings and maintains a well-balanced education that focuses equally on the process of learning as well as the product of our efforts. We believe it is vital that we provide experiences to students that will instill a life-long love for, appreciation of, and involvement in the arts. As such, each department provides extensive co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences to supplement our curricular offerings exposing students to an amazing number of opportunities to be involved in exhibits, concerts, recitals and other collaborate performance opportunities.

We believe that the study of fine art is important to everyone at both the individual and societal levels. Students in the Fine Arts experience the actual application of knowledge and skills on a daily basis with culminating work often approaching or achieving professional levels. 

As such, Stevenson Fine Arts students develop amazing work ethic, along with a high level of proficiency and sophistication of work. Such quality of work often results in scholarships and prestigious awards. Stevenson offers a rigorous fine arts curriculum that rivals many university programs in its scope. It challenges students to think creatively, encourages risk taking and enables students to apply their problem-solving skills beyond the classroom.

Ultimately, we take great pride that within the Fine Arts Division, we don't simply read or learn about our subjects; we dance, sing, play, act, paint, and sculpt. And, we openly share our work with our peers and our community.

Course Descriptions

painting by kevin zeng

Kevin Zeng painting

For course descriptions from all academic divisions, visit our Coursebook page.

Click on the course description to see course goals and learning targets:

Course Name Course Description
Dance 1  DNC 101/102
Dance 2 DNC 201/202
Dance 3 DNC 301/302
Dance 4 DNC 401/402
Ballet/Jazz DNC 311/312
Concert Dance DNC 501/502
Dance Leadership DNC 601/602
Course Name Course Description
Freshman Band MUS 101/102
Concert Band MUS 111/112
Symphonic Band MUS 121/122
Advanced Symphonic Band MUS 131/132
Honor Band MUS 141/142
Stevenson Chorus MUS 201/202
Advanced Chorus MUS 211/212
Patriot Singers MUS 221/222
Concert Orchestra MUS 311/312
Symphonic Orchestra MUS 331/332
Patriot Orchestra MUS 321/322
Creating Music With Technology MUS 431/432
Music Industry and Production MUS 451/452
Piano 1 MUS 401/402
Guitar 1 MUS 421/422
Guitar 2 MUS 461/462
Patriot Guitar Ensemble MUS 441/442
Advanced Placement Music Theory MUS 801/802
Course Name Course Description
Acting 1 THR 101/102
Acting 2 THR 111/112
Acting 3: Performing Contemporary Drama THR 211
Acting 4: Exploration of Performance Styles THR 212
Advanced Acting THR 401/402
Directing the Actor THR 302
Musical Theatre Workshop THR 202
Theatre Design and Stagecraft THR 121/122
Leadership in Theatre Studies THR 601/602
Media Arts
Course Name Course Description
Photography 1 ART 401/402
Photography 2 ART 411/412
Advanced Photography and Digital Design ART 421/422
Computer Art 1 ART 501/502
Computer Art 2 ART 511/512
2-D Animation ART 531/532
3-D Animation ART 541/542
Art History 1 ART 701
Art History 2 ART 702
Advanced Placement Art History ART 721/722
AP 2-D Design Portfolio: Photography Concentration ART 871/872
Visual Arts
Course Name Course Description
Art and Design ART 101/102
Ceramics  ART 201/202
Drawing  ART 221/222
Metals and Jewelry ART 241/242
Painting  ART 261/262
Sculpture  ART 281/282
Advanced Drawing, Painting
and Studio Art
ART 621/622
Advanced 3-D Art ART 631/632
Studio Art ART 611/612
Advanced Placement Drawing Portfolio ART 801/802
AP 2-D Design Portfolio: Media Concentration ART 881/882
AP 3-D Design Portfolio ART 821/822


kennedy center

Stevenson was one of five schools in the country to receive the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts National Schools of Distinction in Arts Education Award in 2010.

The Fine Arts Division at Stevenson High School has a long tradition of excellence and has been recognized for its high standards and amazing accomplishments at a regional, state, and national level. The division is regarded as one of the most exemplary high school arts programs in the country by some of the most prominent colleges, universities, and professional organizations.

In 1988 the visual arts program was recognized by the Illinois Art Education Association as having the "Best Visual Arts Program in Illinois."

In 1991 the Fine Arts Division was recognized nationally as part of the Blue Ribbon Award for Excellence. 

In 1991 Stevenson High School was listed in Excellence in Arts Awards as one of the top 25 Fine Arts Divisions in the country. 

In 1998 the Stevenson Fine Arts Division was amongst the top eight in the nation and received the Blue Ribbon Award from the U.S. Department of Education. 

In 2006 the Stevenson Music Department was selected by the Music Educators National Conference as one of the twelve Model Music Programs in the country. 

In 2009 the Music Faculty was recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education with an award of Merit for their model work as a collaborative team.

In 2010 Stevenson was one of five schools in the country to receive the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts National Schools of Distinction in Arts Education Award.

In 2011 and 2010, Stevenson was honored as a Grammy Signature Schools semifinalist for its commitment to music education.

In 2012, the Stevenson Band, Choir and Orchestra finished third in the Illinois High School Association Class AA Music Sweepstakes Contest.


Performing Arts Center

The students and staff at Stevenson High School are extremely fortunate to have the unyielding support of the school and community in creating and providing state of the art facilities for its students, especially as it pertains to Fine Arts.

Our dance department thrives with our two dance studios a buzz with dancers all day long as well as into the night as our numerous dance companies practice.

The visual arts department has seven labs with well-equipped spaces dedicated to photography, ceramics and sculpture, jewelry and metalwork, computer art, and drawing.

We are proud of our unique performing arts center, renowned for its turntable design allowing great versatility in its ability to transform from a 1,200-seat concert hall to three separate spaces which include a 250-seat recital hall, a 250-seat little theatre and a main stage of nearly 700.

In addition, we are fortunate to have a 400-seat auditorium and a 150-seat studio theatre / flexible "black box" space situated immediately adjacent to dedicated band, choir and orchestra rehearsal spaces. Faculty offices, practice studios, a MIDI/computer lab as well as recording space are housed in this newly remodeled music wing.