World Languages-ELL

About the Division

Justin Fisk, Director of World Languages and ELL
Room 2434

Sylvia Lima, Assistant to the Director
Room 2434

Division of World Languages and ELL Mission Statement
We believe that language is fundamental to the human experience. In an increasingly global and diverse society, learning other languages is an imperative part of every young person's development academically, socially and civically.

The mission of our division, then, is to facilitate students' acquisition of another language. We strive to develop their mastery of the four essential skills of communication --reading, writing, speaking and listening--while providing them the opportunity to explore and appreciate another culture's music, art, literature and history.

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
We will strive to provide students with a positive language learning experience with our commitment to the various facets of curriculum, instruction and assessment. We will continually incorporate the essential components of language acquisition- listening, reading, speaking, and writing-in a manner that both builds upon and strengthens the students’ skills throughout their language experience.

We will infuse a variety of learning opportunities that are aligned to specific and measurable learning targets and demonstrate best practices. Technology will complement our instruction both for its academic relevance and its crucial role in our ever-evolving digital world.

We will continue to develop and implement authentic communicative and cultural experiences and create an atmosphere that promotes social-emotional learning.

Equity and Access
We believe in providing all students the opportunity to experience a world language in an environment that nurtures and respects all learners as individuals.

As a division, we will hold students to high expectations and commit to providing the tools for all students to be successful regardless of individual learning needs, interests, and cultural differences.

Working within a Professional Learning Community (PLC)
As members of a professional learning community, we will constantly strive to collaborate and learn from one another while respecting the strengths and contributions of each team member.

Trust, respect, and open dialogue will be essential components of our collaborative environment as means to improve the quality of teaching and learning for all students.

Culture for Learning
We are passionate, invested, and accountable. We believe that a professional learning community should provide the opportunity for life-long learning through the creation of a safe and supportive environment in which all members are challenged with high but realistic expectations.

As teacher leaders at the forefront of our field, we will exemplify commitment to life-long learning and professional development.

Course Descriptions

For course descriptions from all academic divisions, visit our Course Book page.

Click on the course description to see course goals and learning targets:

Course Name Course Description
French 1 FRE101/102
French 2 Accelerated FRE211/212
French 3 Accelerated FRE311/312
AP French FRE601/602
Course Name Course Descriptions
German 1 GRE101/102
German 2 Accelerated GRE211/212
German 3 Accelerated GRE311/312
AP German GRE601/602
Course Name Course Descriptions
Hebrew 1 HBR101/102
Hebrew 2 Accelerated HBR211/212
Hebrew 4 Accelerated HBR411/412
Course Name Course Description
Latin 1 LAT101/102
Latin 2 LAT211/212
Latin 3/4 LAT311/312
Mandarin Chinese
Course Name Course Description
Chinese 1 CHI101/102
Chinese 2 Accelerated CHI211/212
Chinese 3 Accelerated CHI311/312
Chinese 4 Accelerated CHI411/412
AP Chinese CH601/602
Course Name Course Description
Spanish 1 SPA101/102
Spanish 2 SPA201/202
Spanish 2 Accelerated SPA211/212
Spanish 3 SPA301/302
Spanish 3-4 Accelerated SPA311/312
Spanish 4 SPA401/402
Spanish 5 Honors: AP Spanish Language and Culture SPA601/602
Advanced Spanish Conversation and Culture SPA511/512
Spanish 6 Honors: AP Spanish Literature and Culture SPA611/612
ELL Courses
  Course Descriptions
Beginning Language Arts ELL161/162
Intermediate Language Arts ELL261/262
Advanced Language Arts ELL361/362
American Literature ELL461/462
Current Events ELL561/562
ELL World History ELL761/762
ELL U.S. History ELL861/862