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Testing Center

Outside of the Testing Center
The Testing Center provides support services for both teachers and students. We offer students the opportunity for a quiet environment in which to take tests and quizzes that they missed in class. 

Exams may be taken during study hall, lunch, and before or after school. Students do not need to leave class to take the test, thus missing more class time. Our Testing Center allows teachers to use valuable class time for instruction, rather than administering make-up tests.


Testing Center Information

Room 1200/1202 (in the Link)

Regular Hours
7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. on late arrival days)
The Testing Center closes at 2:37 p.m. the day before Thanksgiving

Hours During Final Exams
7 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Testing Center Coordinator: Sandy Miller
Assistants: Debbie Zegar, Karen Horwitz

Testing Center Procedures

Students must register online to take a test. Students may register online for a test using an iPad, smartphone or computer. Online test registration is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students must sign up by 10 a.m. for a same-day test. However, students may sign up any time during the day to take a test the next day. Before or after school, students may take tests on a first-come, first-served basis, without signing up in advance.

  • Make sure all information is entered correctly. The date and time is important.
  • Students taking a test during a study hall period will now report directly to the Testing Center. After completing the test, students will be given a pass to return to the study hall. If the test requires the entire period to complete, the Testing Center Supervisor will excuse you from your study hall.
  • Students must present their current school ID in order to receive their test or quiz.
  • Upon entering the Testing Center, students must place their books and bags in the space provided. No outerwear is permitted.
  • Students should be prepared for tests. No studying will be allowed in the Testing Center.
  • Electronic devices are never allowed in the Testing Center. Cell phones should be turned off.
  • Students are responsible for bringing the necessary resources, such as a pencil, calculator and paper.
  • Only the test and a writing tool are allowed on the desk. Everything else must be put away on the shelves or tables.
  • No partial tests will be given. Students cannot take a portion of a test and then return later to finish. Once a student begins the test, it must be finished.
  • Students are not allowed to leave an academic class to come to the Testing Center and take a test. Parents are not allowed to call a student out of a class to take a test. Students may use the Testing Center only during study hall, lunch, free periods, or before or after school.

Final Exams Information

  • Students must sign up for tests during final times. A test can only be taken during a free period, study hall or PE. Before and after final times don't require signing up. 
  • If a student is signed up during a re-scheduled final, the Testing Center needs a note or an email from the teacher or counselor stating that the final has been re-scheduled.
  • Seniors who are exempt from a final may take a test in the Testing Center during that class time with written notification from their teacher or counselor.