Social Studies

About the Division

Brad Smith, Director of Social Studies

Jacqueline Gray, Assistant to the Director

“... Our work should illuminate the essential connection between social studies learning, democratic values, and positive citizenship. As a people, then, our first priority, is to ensure our survival as a free nation through the development of students who can assume the office of citizen. And so each and every social studies educator must be willing and able to give birth again to the American dream; in each new generation; in each new child.” - National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies

Course Descriptions

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College Preparatory Courses
  Course Description Second Semester
Constitutional Law SOC 511/512 Course Description  
Economics SOC 411 Syllabus
SOC 411 Learning Targets
SOC 412 Syllabus
SOC 412 Learning Targets
Global Relations SOC 531 Syllabus
SOC 531 Learning Targets
SOC 532 Syllabus
SOC 532 Learning Targets
Government SOC 401 Syllabus
SOC 401 Learning Targets
SOC 402 Syllabus
SOC 402 Learning Targets
Native World Cultures SOC 521 Syllabus
SOC 521 Learning Targets
SOC 522 Syllabus
SOC 522 Learning Targets
Political Thought SOC 561 Syllabus
SOC 561 Learning Targets
SOC 562 Syllabus
SOC 562 Learning Targets
Psychology SOC 551 Syllabus
SOC 551 Learning Targets
SOC 552 Syllabus
SOC 552 Learning Targets
Sociology SOC 541 Syllabus
SOC 541 Learning Targets
SOC 542 Syllabus
SOC 542 Learning Targets
United States History SOC 321 Syllabus
SOC 321 Learning Targets
SOC 322 Syllabus
SOC 322 Learning Targets
United States History/American Studies SOC 331 Syllabus
SOC 331 Learning Targets
SOC 332 Syllabus
SOC 332 Learning Targets
World History SOC 101 Syllabus
SOC 101 Learning Targets
SOC 102 Syllabus
SOC 102 Learning Targets
World Religions SOC 501 Syllabus
SOC 501 Learning Targets
SOC 502 Syllabus
SOC 502 Learning Target
Honors Courses
  First Semester Second Semester
AP European History SOC 601 Syllabus
SOC 601 Learning Targets
SOC 602 Syllabus
SOC 602 Learning Targets
AP Government (U.S.) SOC 681 Syllabus
SOC 681 Learning Targets
SOC 682 Syllabus
SOC 682 Learning Targets
AP Government (U.S. and Comparative) SOC 631 Syllabus
SOC 631 Learning Targets
SOC 632 Syllabus
SOC 632 Learning Targets
AP Human Geography SOC 611 Syllabus
SOC 611 Learning Targets
SOC 612 Syllabus
SOC 612 Learning Targets
AP Macroeconomics SOC 641 Syllabus
SOC 641 Learning Targets
SOC 642 Syllabus
SOC 642 Learning Targets
AP Microeconomics SOC 651 Syllabus
SOC 651 Learning Targets
SOC 652 Syllabus
SOC 652 Learning Targets
AP Psychology SOC 661 Syllabus
SOC 661 Learning Targets
SOC 662 Syllabus
SOC 662 Learning Targets
AP U.S. History SOC 621 Syllabus
SOC 621 Learning Targets
SOC 622 Syllabus
SOC 622 Learning Targets
Philosophy - Honors SOC 671 Syllabus
SOC 671 Learning Targets
SOC 672 Syllabus
SOC 672 Learning Targets