About the Division

Dr. Steven Wood, Director of Science
East Office, Room 8080

Sharon Pasquesi, Assistant to the Director
East Office, Room 8080

Karen Nehring, Department Secretary
East Office, Room 8080

East Office, Room 8080, 847-415-4403
West Office, Room 1514, 847-415-4404

Science is as much a way of knowing as it is a body of knowledge. The Science Division at Stevenson is dedicated to a laboratory approach to science education that will involve each student in the process of discovery.

Early Bird Science Course Sections
Science Early Bird sections begin at 7:45 a.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when there is not a late arrival schedule. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, class will begin at 8:30 a.m. A/B Periods Science courses that normally meet for 1.5 periods will follow the A/B schedule on all days except Late Arrivals (Regular Daily, PM Assembly, Activity Period). 
Download the Science bell schedules (PDF)
This is different than FMPs, which only meet on regular daily schedules (Monday through Thursday).

Course Descriptions

For course descriptions from all academic divisions, visit our Course Book page.

Click on the course description to see course goals and learning targets:

College Preparatory Courses
Course Course Description
Earth Science (College Prep P) SCI 271/272
Biology (College Prep B) SCI 201/202
Chemistry (College Prep P) SCI 301/302
Physics (College Prep P) SCI 401/402
Accelerated Courses
Course Course Description
Accelerated Biology (Accelerated B) SCI 111/112
Accelerated Chemistry (Accelerated P) SCI 211/212
Human Anatomy & Physiology Accel.
(Accelerated B)
SCI 521/522
Honors Courses
Course Course Description
Advanced Placement Physics 1 SCI 611/612
Advanced Placement Physics 2 SCI 681/682
Advanced Placement Biology (Honors B) SCI 631/632
AP Environmental Science (Honors B, P) SCI 641/642
Advanced Placement Chemistry (Honors P) SCI 651/652
Advanced Placement Physics C (Honors P) SCI 661/662
Earth Science (Honors P) SCI 671/672