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Science is as much a way of knowing as it is a body of knowledge. The Science Division at Stevenson is dedicated to a laboratory approach to science education that will involve each student in the process of discovery.

Dr. Steven Wood, Director of Science / 847-415-4401
East Office, Room 8080

Tom Kelly, Assistant Director of Science / 847-415-4403 (voicemail x4429)
East Office, Room 8080

Sharon Pasquesi, Assistant to the Director / 847-415-4400
East Office, Room 8080

Karen Nehring, Department Secretary / 847-415-4402
East Office, Room 8080

East Office, Room 8080: 847-415-4403
West Office, Room 1514: 847-415-4404

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Science Testing Information (SAT & ACT)
Science Textbook List 2020-21

Download the Half-Period Science Schedule
"Early bird" Science classes will be held from 8:17 a.m. - 9:16 a.m. on each regularly scheduled school day.



For course descriptions from all academic divisions, visit our Course Book page.

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College Preparatory Courses
Course Course Description
Earth Science (College Prep P) SCI 271/272
Biology (College Prep B) SCI 201/202
Chemistry (College Prep P) SCI 301/302
Physics (College Prep P) SCI 401/402
Accelerated Courses
Course Course Description
Accelerated Biology (Accelerated B) SCI 111/112
Accelerated Chemistry (Accelerated P) SCI 211/212
Human Anatomy & Physiology Accel.
(Accelerated B)
SCI 521/522
Honors Courses
Course Course Description
Advanced Placement Physics 1 SCI 611/612
Advanced Placement Physics 2 SCI 681/682
Advanced Placement Biology (Honors B) SCI 631/632
AP Environmental Science (Honors B, P) SCI 641/642
Advanced Placement Chemistry (Honors P) SCI 651/652
Advanced Placement Physics C (Honors P) SCI 661/662
Earth Science (Honors P) SCI 671/672