Mathematics-Computer Science

About the Division

Darshan Jain, Director of Mathematics

Valerie Tomkiel, Assistant Director of Mathematics

Anna Kotvis, Administrative Assistant

The Mathematics and Computer Science Division offerings provide options and electives for meeting individual needs, experiences and goals. Course offerings provide opportunities for the development of problem-solving skills and techniques for theoretical and applied settings. Instructional design promotes student-engaged learning activities. Graphing calculators are used as an integral part of concept development. These skills and techniques will serve the students in future career or educational undertakings.

Course Descriptions

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Course Course Description
Algebra 1 Collaborative MTH 1N1/1N2
Algebra 1 MTH 151/152
Geometry Collaborative MTH 2N1/2N2
Geometry MTH 251/252
Algebra 2 Collaborative MTH 3N1/3N2
Algebra 2 MTH 351/352
Advanced Mathematical Decision Making MTH 441/442
Precalculus MTH 451/452
Algebra 2 Accelerated MTH 171/172
Geometry Accelerated MTH 271/272
Precalculus Accelerated MTH 371/372
Geometry Honors MTH 291/292
Precalculus Honors MTH 391/392
AP Statistics MTH 461/462
AP Calculus AB MTH 471/472
AP Calculus BC MTH 491/492
Calculus 3 Honors (Semester 1 only) MTH 591
Advanced Linear Algebra Honors
(Semester 2 only)
MTH 592
Introduction to Computer Programming CSC 151/152
Computer Programming Accelerated
(One semester course)
CSC 171/172
Mobile App Development and Programming CSC 251/252
AP Computer Science Principles CSC 371/372
AP Computer Science A CSC 391/392