Graduation Requirements

Course Credits
 English 8
 Mathematics 6
 Biology 2
 Physical Science 2
 U.S. History 2
 World History 2
 Government 1
 Economics or Consumer Education 1
 Health 1
 Driver Education 1
 Required Electives 2
 Physical Education and Additional Credits 17
 Total Credits 45 

Driver Education Requirement
The State of Illinois driver education requirement may be satisfied by completing Driver Education at Stevenson, by submitting a Certificate of Successful Completion from a commercial school, or submitting a copy of the student’s Illinois driver's license if issued prior to age 18. Students must earn eight credits in their previous two semesters in order to be eligible for Driver Education.

Requirement Electives
At least two elective credits must come from any of the following divisions: Applied Arts, Fine Arts and/or World Languages.

Additional Credits
All courses not listed as specific graduation requirements are electives. For example, all World Languages classes, the fourth year of math, and the third and fourth years of science are all considered electives. If you have any questions, please contact your counselor.

English Requirements
Eight semesters are required for graduation. Two writing-intensive courses are required.

Science Requirements
Students must complete two semesters of a biological science and two semesters of a physical science.

Physical Education Requirements and Waivers
Students must participate in physical education during each semester they are enrolled in school unless:
•    the student is enrolled in Health Education (for the first time)
•    the student is enrolled in Applied Health Education
•    the student is enrolled in Driver Education (for the first time)
•    the junior or senior student receives an athletic waiver (see Athletic Waiver Policy)
•    the student is enrolled in first semester Marching Band or Color Guard
•    the student is enrolled in Dance
•    the senior student receives an academic waiver for six non- physical education classes

Refer to the section on waiver policies for more specific information.

Note:  Students may elect to stay in Physical Education and forfeit any waivers.

Constitution Test Requirement
Students must pass the Illinois and United States Constitution exams which are part of the required Government course.

The 46th Credit  
While not one of the 45 credits required for graduation from Stevenson High School, the 46th Credit is as important as the rest. The 46th Credit fulfills a District 125 commitment to provide students with a coordinated education and awareness program with critical information about alcohol and other drug use, as well as resources for support.

During their years at Adlai E. Stevenson High School, students are provided with information about substance abuse and are introduced to a variety of substance abuse prevention activities through Stevenson's Student Assistance Program. During the three-week drug education unit in the Health Education classes, all students are issued a 46th Credit manual which contains current information on the dangers associated with tobacco, alcohol and other drug use, addiction, recovery, available student prevention programs, school tobacco/drug/alcohol policies, state laws and local ordinances, as well as resources for assistance within the school and community. Students are held accountable for this information and must pass a test during their Health Education class to satisfy the requirement. The test, devised by the school’s Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator, is based directly on the information contained in the 46th Credit manual. The Substance Abuse Prevention Coordinator works with all students who have not taken or passed the 46th Credit exam in the Health Education classes to ensure the graduation requirement is met. Seniors must pass the 46th Credit exam to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Admissions Requirements to Illinois Public Universities

The following high school program is either required or strongly encouraged for admission to all public universities in Illinois:

Course Requirement Credits
English - Emphasis on written and oral communication and literature 8
Mathematics - Including algebra, advanced algebra, geometry, 
trigonometry, or fundamentals of computer programming
Science - Emphasis on laboratory sciences 6
Social Studies - Emphasis on history and government 6
Electives - Four semesters in foreign language, art or music 4

For details on specific course requirements, visit the College Career Center or individual college websites.