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Grading at Stevenson

Stevenson High School administrator stands with cartoon student in a classroom

At Stevenson High School, every aspect of our teaching and learning experience is designed to support our mission of “Success for Every Student” by helping each student learn how to successfully navigate the natural fluctuations in their development. We firmly believe that these experiences help students develop the ability to self-initiate, self-monitor and self-regulate their learning, which are traits that they will need in order to become an independent, self-reliant and empathetic person. 

This philosophy extends to our grading system, known as Evidence-Based Grading,  promotes efficacious learning which aims to instill in our students the ability to grow their own learning and ultimately sustain themselves while pursuing their academic and personal goals. Using an evidence-based approach, rather than the traditional grading system, we are able to provide the teacher, student, and parent/guardian with a highly accurate a picture of the student’s learning which encourages ongoing dialogue about how a student can master the skills for the class. To learn more about our Evidence-Based Grading System, please click the tabs below:


Anthony Reibel
Director of Assessment/Research/Evaluation

Dr. Eric Twadell

Troy Gobble

Mark Onuscheck
Director of Curriculum and Development