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eLearning Days

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The District 125 Board of Education has approved the use of eLearning Days on days where campus is closed due to inclement weather or other emergency conditions. During eLearning Days, students will complete assigned coursework from home. By law, the district may use up to five eLearning Days per school year, which count as official attendance days.

However, school officials will still retain the option to cancel school and rescheduled classes for another day rather use an eLearning Day. Why? Here are some reasons:

  • There may be a day when it makes more sense to reschedule classes instead of having students work at home. For example, if a snowstorm hit on the first week of second semester, it would make more sense to reschedule classes for Pulaski Day (a state holiday that we have already designated as a make-up day) rather than use an eLearning Day, because students haven’t been exposed to new course material yet. 
  • eLearning Days are the likely option during first semester, because there is less flexibility in the schedule than during second semester. An ice storm days before first-semester exams, for example, would in all likelihood lead to an eLearning Day to enable students to prepare for final exams.

How eLearning Days Will Work
Here is how eLearning Days will work: 

  • The school will notify parents, students, faculty and staff of a planned campus closure through its usual communication methods.
  • Teachers will share a lesson plan with their students through the Canvas or GoogleClassroom learning management systems or through email. Assignments should be meaningfully connected to the course curriculum, and take no more than 30 minutes to complete.
  • Teachers will let students know what they must do to show evidence that they completed the lesson. 
  • Teachers will respond to students in a timely manner during the normal work hours on the actual emergency day.
  • Student attendance will be verified by their participation in the lesson and completion of assignments.

The Benefits of eLearning Days
We believe there are many benefits to using eLearning Days for emergency days, including these: 

  • Allows for the end of the school year to be predictable and constant regardless of the number of emergency days.
  • Allows educators to advance learning more effectively given the ability to plan within the normal school year.
  • Supports educators with families while maintaining the long-term fidelity of course/class scope and sequence.
  • Preserves a firm start date for summer school and summer programming.
  • Ensures end-of-the-year activities such as graduation are maintained.
  • Prevents undesired intersections with religious holidays.
  • Promotes flexible learning and operations in the digital age.
  • Promotes learning beyond the school walls.