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Course Selection


Course Selection

At Stevenson High School, our faculty, staff, and administration are committed to our mission: Success for Every Student. An important part of ensuring that success is supporting students in the selection of the courses students take during high school and ensuring that the course selection process represents a partnership between families and counselors.

Year to year, the course selection process begins with an important kick-off event that takes place every year in mid-October: “Let’s Talk About Your Future.” This event is designed to support family discussions about their student’s interests, passions, and goals for the future so they feel prepared to make decisions during the course selection process, which begins a few weeks after this kick-off event. 

Below, you will find more information about the “Let’s Talk About Your Future” event, course selection, the coursebook and other resources to ensure students and families feel informed throughout this process.

2023-24 Course Selection Documents