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Sophomore Focus

During the school year, sophomores should continue to work hard in classes and explore their interests In their classes, we encourage them to reflect on ways they prefer to learn along with topics that interest them. We recommended students to explore subjects they are gravitating toward. This can be done through co-curriculars, organizations, discussions with family, friends and staff along with summer enrichment activities. We encourage families to read the Daily Digest and investigate the Summer Enrichment section in Naviance to engage students beyond the classroom.

Sophomore year is a time for deeper exploration inside and outside the classroom. We hope our sophomores reflect on how they like to learn and what they like to learn more about.  

Though we encourage students to consider looking at schools, we believe this year is meant for exploring your interests. At this point, your school counselor is able to answer a lot of your general college questions. Students can also feel free to reach out to the postsecondary counselors with more specific questions. As a team with your counselor, we are all here to support you during your high school experience. Students can also utilize Mrs. Willock for career shadowing and exploration. In addition, students are recommended to utilize Naviance for career assessments; read more about what Naviance offers on the College main page.

We also organize an annual sophomore family presentation during March. Please reference the CCC calendar for date information on this program. This presentation has historically offered a larger introduction to Naviance, focusing on the highlights of connecting students to online postsecondary college and career resources. The second part of this presentation includes how to build a team when searching for colleges along with the primary tenets of finding the “best fit” in a college. In addition, we describe ways to do research on colleges along with the college admission timeline throughout the junior year. Sophomore families can always reference this presentation, along with a myriad of other important postsecondary documents, in the Documents and Downloads area on the College main page.

These are some potential questions you might consider for some additional reflection:

  • What co-curricular activities are you involved with currently?
  • Do you like what you are involved in after school or in the community?
  • Have you attempted a leadership position or opportunity to demonstrate leadership within your activities?
  • How do you hope to grow this year from your experiences outside the classroom?
  • Consider your co-curricular goals as an upperclassmen. What do you hope to achieve and gain from your experiences outside the classroom?