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Freshman Focus

Sometimes we hear from families inquiring what freshmen should be doing to start the college search process. As freshmen, we want students to focus on becoming acclimated to Stevenson, learning about resources and co-curriculars, and refining their study skills.

With the strong college-going culture at SHS, we know it often feels like there is a checklist that students need to do. This is not the case. Colleges, and SHS, want students to spend freshmen year getting comfortable with being in high school. We want you to take a risk and join a club or a team that you are not sure about! We want you to take a class that interests you. We want you to branch out socially and connect with new friends. This year is meant to be a growing and learning year. There is not a set checklist to complete, or a “right” list of clubs, athletics, and/or leadership opportunities that will get you into a school. Families should also not feel like they need to start “test prepping” or visiting campuses. Simply learn more about Stevenson, learn more about what interests you (and what doesn’t), and learn more about you.

During advisory, at the beginning of second semester, we will bring the freshmen into the College/Career Center to introduce them to our space, to us, and what we can offer them over the upcoming years. We will also offer an evening program for freshmen families in April called Freshmen Focus. Families can find this date on our CCC calendar. This presentation highlights the upcoming three years, the timeline, and what we encourage students to consider as they move into their sophomore year.