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Demonstrated Interest

Many colleges utilize “demonstrated interest” as part of the college application process. “Demonstrating interest” is a way for colleges to determine if students are taking the time to research and understand the culture both inside and outside the classroom at that particular college.  

Some colleges “track” how many contacts a student might have with a college. For example, colleges will note when students go through an official campus visit by filling out an information card at the admissions office (or at the visitors/welcome center). Other ways of tracking interest include attending the SHS admission representative visits in the fall, visiting the representative at a college fair, attending local open houses/receptions throughout Chicagoland, interviewing with staff or local alumni, connecting through social media or email, and sharing how the school is a “good fit” through the “why us?” admission essay.  

During the official campus visit information session or during the SHS rep visit, the admissions officer will most likely elaborate on how they might use demonstrated interest in their evaluation process. If the topic is not discussed, it is appropriate (and we highly recommend!) that students ask if demonstrated interest is considered.

Keep in mind that some colleges refer to demonstrated interest as “demonstrated understanding.” Colleges truly want to know why their location, academic programs, student life and other overall opportunities make their school a great fit for you. We remind you that there is a fine line between demonstrating interest and stalking:) Students should not feel the need to email the admission representative often, only if you have a meaningful question that is not easily found on the school’s website.