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Community Colleges

Community colleges are an excellent option for many students to consider during the college search process. In fact, nearly 10% of graduating SHS seniors each year choose to begin their higher education through a community college. Some of the benefits from attending community college include:

  • lower costs (in-district tuition costs approximately $130/credit hour)
  • an opportunity to re-do a high school transcript and eliminate the ACT/SAT from the college application process
  • take transferable college classes before transitioning to a four-year bachelor’s degree program
  • enroll in career-oriented classes
  • the opportunity to live at home and save money

Most SHS students choose to enroll at College of Lake County. However, other wonderful local community options include Harper College, Oakton Community College and College of DuPage. Farther from home include a variety of two-year schools such as Parkland Community College (near the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) and Kirkwood Community College (near the University of Iowa, and offers residential housing similar to a 4-year school). Community college students who earn a 3.0 GPA in college classes should have the opportunity to transfer to many bachelor’s degree programs.

We encourage students to ask their counselors and the College Career Center about opportunities at community college. In general, we recommend that students complete their community college applications around March 1. We support each individual student’s journey throughout the college search and selection process. Be on the lookout for our community college week! We will have representatives from several community colleges here to tell you about their opportunities. In addition, we will offer a field trip for our juniors and seniors to the College of Lake County early in the second semester. Students will receive more detailed information via email, in the Daily Digest, and on the Student Announcements page.