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Senior students wearing their college shirts

When searching for colleges, students should consider the primary aspects of what is a potential “best fit” with a college. These best-fit pieces include the emotional, social, financial, academic and personal factors in researching colleges.

The CCC offers a variety of programming and resources to students and families concerning college preparation/application, financial aid, transcript requests, scholarship opportunities and more.

Students are highly encouraged to search for colleges through Naviance along with other online resources. Naviance offers many options to search for colleges. College lookup might be a nice place to begin research, in general. Type in a college that you want to learn more about in order to access the college’s Naviance page. Reference our video tutorial on the newer Naviance features.

Note: Stevenson High School welcomes colleges to visit our students during the fall semester. Colleges wishing to schedule a rep visit can contact us at


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Stevenson to College Program Manager
Aileen Aragones / 847-415-4469

Career Exploration Program Manager
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