Applied Arts

About the Division

Dr. Wendy Custable, Director of Applied Arts

Jean Candotti, Administrative Assistant

The Applied Arts Division offers a program of electives in four distinct areas:

• Family and Consumer Studies
• Technology
• Business
• Driver Education

Each course offering:

• Teaches students to apply content knowledge in a project-oriented environment. 
• Develop individual interests while facilitating authentic learning experiences by linking the curriculum content to the real world. 
• Provide learning opportunities for all students which foster academic achievement, career exploration, creativity, and problem-solving skills. 

The unique characteristics of each of these areas provide students with a wide variety of course choices that integrate the diverse curriculum of Stevenson into activities they use in their daily lives.

Course Descriptions

For course descriptions from all academic divisions, visit our Course Book page.

Click on the course description to see course goals and learning targets:

Business Education

Course Course Description
Accounting 1 BUS 251
Accounting 2 (Honors) BUS 252
Advanced Accounting HN BUS 351
Business Law BUS 371
Business Applications & Technology BUS 131/132
Consumer Education BUS 301/302
Entrepreneurship BUS 231
Entrepreneurial Tactics (Acc) BUS 411/412
Information Processing BUS 142
Introduction to Business BUS 171/172
Investment Management BUS 361/362
Marketing BUS 281/282
Personal Finance BUS 301

Driver Education

Course Course Description
Driver Education D/E 231/232

Family & Consumer Sciences

Course Course Description
Child Development FCS 211/212
Clothing and Design FCS 251/252
Advanced Clothing and Design FCS 291/292
Fashion Merchandising and Design FCS 241/242
Food and Nutrition FCS 111/112
Food Preparation FCS 221/222
Gourmet Foods FCS 321/322
Interior Design FCS 231/232
Life Management FCS 411/412
Teaching Young Children 1 FCS 311/312
Teaching Young Children 2 FCS 331/332

Technology Education

Course Course Description
PLTW Intro. to Engineering Design TEC 151/152
PLTW Principles of Engineering TEC 301/302
PLTW Digital Electronics TEC 291/292
PLTW Civil Engineering & Architecture TEC 261/262
PLTW Engineering Design and Development TEC 401/402
Architectural Design TEC 141/142
Advanced Architectural Design TEC 241/242
Web Development 1 TEC 171/172
Web Development 2 TEC 281/282
Game Development 1 TEC 501/502
Game Development 2 TEC 511/512
Print Media 1 TEC 181/182
Print Media 2 TEC 251/252
Audio Video Design 1 TEC 111/112
Audio Video Design 2 TEC 121/122
Media Arts Design & Development TEC 311/312