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Physical Welfare

group photo of the Physical Welfare division team
The Division of Physical Welfare strives to ensure that students learn how to develop lifetime wellness by being prepared to make healthy, responsible lifestyle decisions while engaging in activities that establish positive, physical, social and emotional habits. We encourage positive, healthy decision making.
Students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become healthy, lifelong learners through a fitness-based curriculum and a comprehensive Health Education Program. The foundation for cognitive, motor and social development begins with activities and discussions during Foundation P.E. courses and continues through Health Education and upper level programs. Following these courses, students have choices in activities in which they will participate and further develop their knowledge and skills.
We make a commitment to provide each student with an equal opportunity for daily physical education regardless of their athletic ability or physical capabilities. The individual needs and interests of the student will determine their physical education choices.

Physical fitness is not only one of most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. - John F. Kennedy

Physical Welfare courses required for graduation:
  • All students must be enrolled in Physical Education except when waivers apply.

  • Read the introductory section for a full explanation of Physical Education requirements and waivers. Students should be prepared to discuss waiver applications with their counselors.

  • Health Education