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Permanent Art Collection

event banner for 2022-23 Permanent Art Tour

Student Artwork: On the Go. On Display. Here to Stay.

Each spring, Stevenson High School Visual Arts Faculty selects exceptional student artwork to join Stevenson's Student Art Collection. The practice of purchasing student artwork began in the 1980’s and the collection now comprises more than 450 pieces displayed throughout campus.

In 2014, Stevenson began the Permanent Art Tour, starting with Lincolnshire Village Hall and expanding to include locations throughout the district. Today, each annual collection enters a three year cycle beginning with exhibitions in the community, moving to a showcase at Stevenson, and concluding with a permanent installation on campus.

The 2022-2023 Permanent Art Tour

The Fine Arts Division congratulates students Melisa Z Demir, Maya Fergus, Arman Grigoryan, Milo Jablonski, Nadia Lotfi, Christine Seo, Nicole Rose Vestidas, Lada Volkov and Nancy Zhang for having artwork selected for the 2022-2023 tour. Please click the galleries below to view and learn about all the artwork in the current cycle.

Year One: On the Go
The artwork is exhibited at various locations throughout the community.

Year Two: On Display
The artwork is exhibited in the Student Art Gallery in Stevenson’s west building.

Year Three: Here to Stay
The artwork joins the permanent collection on the walls of Stevenson.