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Guitar concert 2018

The Stevenson guitar program offers:

  • Guitar 1: Comprehensive course designed to develop the well rounded guitarist. There is no experience needed as it is open to beginner to intermediate levels. In this program, you will learn to strum and learn all chords, read sheet music, lead sheets and guitar tabs. Most important of all, you will explore rock, blues and classical music, and jam with people in your class!
  • Guitar 2: New students can schedule an informal meeting with Mr. Tseitlin to test into the class. This program is for intermediate to advanced level players. Here, you will develop finger style techniques, play solos, etudes and ensemble music, work on improvisation/soloing, and play concerts!
  • Patriot Guitar Ensemble: For this group, an audition is required, which is due in April. The ensemble is for advanced to collegiate level players who will learn advanced techniques. There will be college-level solos and ensemble repertoires and more performance opportunities .

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