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Stories of Stevenson: Sanya Mahajan

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Stevenson student Sanya Mahaja being interviewed

Stevenson student Sanya Mahajan being interviewed at the PWC.

Variety truly seems to be “the spice of life” for Stevenson senior Sanya Mahajan.

“Salted caramel, turtle, blondies,” said Mahajan, rattling off just a few of her favorite brownie flavors to bake. “I love to bake and brownies are my favorite just because I can make so many variations of them.”

Mahajan’s interests and activities at Stevenson include a healthy sampling as well. She’s involved in seven different clubs and organizations on campus.

A four-year member of Catalyst Club, Mahajan is also the club’s current president. She is a three-year member of Model United NationsPeer Tutors and the Indian Student Association, of which she is Vice President. And she is in her second year of the Freshman Mentor Program and National Honor Society.

Lately, Mahajan has been most busy with Wellness Week, as she is also a three-year member and the current president of Peer Helpers, which organized and ran last week’s Wellness Week. Mahajan is thrilled with how the week turned out and how much enthusiasm there was for activities that coordinated with Wellness Week’s Four Pillars Of Wellness: Mindset, Sleep, Nutrition and Movement.

“My favorite lunch time activity was the Friday “Show Us Your Moves” for Movement,” Mahajan said with a laugh. “I saw a line of people outside the Student Lounge doing random yoga poses and they got a freeze pop for showing us their moves. That was fun! We just wanted to try to get people super passionate and enthusiastic about what we were doing.”

Mahajan says that two of her biggest passions ~ which get fed by all of her club involvements ~ are public speaking and wellness. She combined those two passions to start her own podcast, “Bamble Ramble,” available on SpotifyAnchor and Apple Podcasts.

Stevenson student Sanya Mahaja doing yoga in the PWC

Stevenson student Sanya Mahajan doing yoga in the PWC.

“I’m very passionate about mental health, self-care and balance. That’s what my podcast is about,” Mahajan said. “I developed it during the pandemic when it was hard for me to find connection. I ended up finding connection by going on walks and listening to podcasts. And that’s kind of where the name of my podcast comes from because a “ramble” is a leisurely walk. I just walked and walked and every time I walked I came up with a new podcast idea. I continue it to this day.”

Mahajan has made nearly 40 podcasts and has gotten nearly 3,000 listens. 

“The topic can be something so small, like ‘I got a bad test grade,’ and what I did to overcome the stress that came from it…to how overwhelmed I felt as a sophomore and how I dealt with that,” Mahajan said.

Mahajan says that successfully dealing with stress and feelings of being overwhelmed can be as simple as making fun a priority.

“I’m involved in a lot of things, but I don’t view it as overwhelming so much anymore because I’ve tried to choose things that I’m really passionate about," Mahajan said. "I get through the work and I never realize how much time I spend on it because time flies when you remember your true values and passions and you’re enjoying what you’re doing.”