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Stories of Stevenson: Miryam Frezza

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Starting a new journey can be intimidating. Navigating the unfamiliar and facing challenges you've never encountered before can also feel uneasy. The apprehension of starting something new can oftentimes stem from the worry that "it's too late."

However, Senior Miryam Frezza defied these doubts when she decided to join the Girls’ Wrestling team. Not only was this a new step for Miryam, but it also marked a historic moment for Stevenson. Despite years of girls participating alongside and within the Boys’ Wrestling team, this season has marked the inception of Stevenson's very own Girls’ Wrestling team, beginning a new chapter in the school's athletic history.

Stevenson Girls Wrestler Miryam getting ready for a match

Though Miryam had no previous wrestling experience, her familiarity with the Stevenson wrestling program dates back to her youth, influenced by her brothers’ involvement in the sport.  Reflecting on her connection to the program, she expressed, "Even before I got to Stevenson, I felt a part of the program. That was always interesting to me, and I loved how it felt like a family tie. It's very intense, but it's a bond that, after you share with someone, it'll never change."

For Miryam, developing this sense of family with her teammates transformed how she viewed teamwork and camaraderie.

“My understanding has changed, especially being a senior now on a team. It felt like I was learning something new but also helping teach the younger girls on the team. I felt like I had little sisters. It was an unforgettable experience… I’ve never had that place on a team before.”

The team's bond grew even stronger as they faced the pressure and challenges of competing in a sport traditionally dominated by men.

“When you walk into a room and you’re a girl who does a sport that men have always done, you can just feel the air shift. It’s not something that girls can’t do or guys are more suited for. It’s not cut and dry, and your gender shouldn’t determine whether or not you can do a sport.”

candid photo of Stevenson student Miryam

Miryam adds humorously that some might assume she and her teammates are tough, but she emphasizes, “We can be tough, but it also shows that you can’t boil someone down to that one thing that they do.”

Miryam's journey into Girls’ Wrestling not only challenged traditional norms but also serves as an inspiration for fellow Patriots. Recognizing the apprehension many students face when considering new activities, Miryam gives advice to those who are interested in trying something new at Stevenson.

"It can be really scary trying something new for the first time, regardless of whether it's your first year or last year. I'd say it's scary in general. But you should use that as a drive… If it’s your last year, I’d say do the thing you're thinking about doing. Chances are you might have a moment of 'What if I had done that?'"

She emphasizes the importance of living without regret, stating, “At the end of the day, it’s going to be how many hours you don’t get back. It could bring immense joy into your life. Even if the activity is not what you wanted, you tried something new, and it's going to open your world to new possibilities, and I think that’s amazing.”

portrait of Stevenson student Miryam