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Senior Athletes of the Year Named

Public Information Office

Stevenson High School’s Athletics Division announced its 2019-20 Senior Athlete of the Year Award winners on Friday, May 15. This year’s recipients are Jahleel Perrin (Senior Male Athlete of the Year) and Jenny Yang (Senior Female Athlete of the Year). The winners were honored with special presentations at their homes, shown in this video.

Jahleel Perrin

Jahleel Perrin - Football, Track and Field
The speedster was poised for a standout final season in track and field until it was shut down by the coronavirus pandemic. Still, he finished his prep track career with an impressive resume:

  • Earned all-state honors in 2018 as part of the seventh-place Class 3A 800-meter relay with Shane Johnson, Ahmad Dinkins and David Smolensky. The foursome holds the school record for fastest 800 relay (1:27.88), also set in 2018.
  • In 2019, Jahleel won North Suburban Conference championships in the 100- and 200-meter dashes, plus the 400- and 800-meter relays. He also qualified for state in the 100, and the 400- and 800-meter relays.
  • He earned the Big Gun Award for boys track and field in 2019.

Jahleel was a two-year starter for the Patriot football team, and earned honorable mention honors from the Daily Herald and the North Suburban Conference.

“Jahleel was a fantastic player and leader for us on and off the field. On defense he was a two-year starter, he brought a physical style of play to the safety position and was able to make plays all over the field with his elite speed. As a person Jahleel was one of our hardest workers. He set a standard for his teammates in the offseason, weight room, and as a multi-sport athlete. His competitive nature brought the best out of his teammates. We were lucky to have him for these past two seasons.”
- Coach Brian Burja, SHS Football Defensive Coordinator

“Always great to have one of your best athletes be one of your hardest workers. A leader by what he does, not what he says. If I owned a company, Jahleel is the type of person I would be looking to hire.”
- Coach Andy Farrissey, SHS Boys Track and Field Head Coach

Jenny Yang

Jenny Yang – Badminton
Jenny earned all-state honors during her first three seasons, and was looking forward to the opportunity for a fourth state appearance before the season was ended prematurely. During her first three years, Jenny:

  • Won the state championship in doubles in 2018 and 2019 (with Emily Hu), and finished second in 2017.
  • Helped Stevenson win back-to-back state badminton championships in 2017 and 2018, and a second-place finish in 2019.
  • Captured IHSA sectional doubles championships in 2017, 2018 and 2019.
  • Claimed North Suburban Conference doubles titles as a freshman, sophomore and junior.

“Jenny is meticulous in how she goes about her craft. She is cerebral in her approach to the game of badminton as she understands not only her own strengths and weaknesses, but also those of her opponents. Her dedication to working on racket skills, footwork, physical stamina, and game strategy has enabled her to achieve elite level results in the state of Illinois. Badminton has not just been a sport to Jenny over the past four years, it has been a way of life. She expects the most of herself and her teammates on and off the court. While it has been outstanding to watch Jenny win two doubles state championships with Emily Hu during her sophomore and junior seasons, and take second place with May Ling as a freshman, what has been most enjoyable is to see her mature as an individual and grow into a strong, confident young woman. I could not be more proud or excited for Jenny to win this award. It has truly been a pleasure and honor to be her coach!”
- Coach Grant Johnson, SHS Girls Badminton Head Coach

Stevenson Athletics has given its Senior Athlete of the Year Awards annually since 1992. Here are the recipients from the past 10 years:

Male - Topher Stensby (swimming)
Female - Sophie Sorenson (volleyball, lacrosse)

Male - Justin Ginsberg (swimming, water polo)
Female - Claire Haas (swimming, water polo)

Male - Andrew Shashin (swimming, water polo)
Female - Ashley Richardson (golf, basketball, badminton)

Male - Jack Sorenson (football, lacrosse)
Female - Allison Travetto (swimming, water polo)

Male - Jalen Brunson (basketball)
Female - Melissa Gartenberg (swimming, water polo)

Male - Matt Morrissey (football, basketball)
Female - Riley Kirby (swimming, track and field)

Male - James Lichtenstein (diving)
Female - Stephanie Miller (golf)

Male - Carl Miller (football, track and field)
Female - Alison Castriano (gymnastics, softball)

Male - Danny Sabatello (wrestling)
Female - Emily Niedermayer (field hockey, basketball, soccer)

Male - Mark Weisman (football, track and field)
Female - Kerrin Seymour (diving)