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Students new to Stevenson who would like to receive text notifications from Stevenson High School can sign up by texting Y to 67587. In order to receive text notifications, the number you opt in from must be in our Infinite Campus database. To verify your number is in our Infinite Campus database, please read these instructionsPlease Note: Text notifications will always be used in conjunction with voice and email communications. Texting will never be used as a sole mode of communication.


Student Travel Experiences

Stevenson High School offers students the opportunity to travel abroad and enrich their education by experiencing different countries and cultures. Information about student travel experiences will be listed on this page as it becomes available. For more information, contact Nick Valenziano at

2020 Summer Travel Opportunities

Arizona/New Mexico (Service Learning)
Trip Leader: Kristen One (
Required Paperwork (PDF)

Costa Rica (Science)
Trip Leader: Jason Carlson (
Required Paperwork (PDF)
Trip Information (PDF)

Europe (AP European History)
Trip Leader: Clayton Duba (
Information Packet (PDF)
Itinerary (PDF)
Required Paperwork (PDF)

Germany - Open to All Students
Trip Leader: Paulina Glowacka (
Trip Information (PDF)
Required Paperwork (PDF)

Greece/Italy (Latin)
Trip Leader: Chris Mural (
Required Paperwork (PDF)

Trip Leader: Mike Martinez (
Required Paperwork (PDF)

Health and Wellness


Report a Lost or Stolen Item

Register Your Electronic Devices

Safety Tips From the Lincolnshire Police Department

Keep your personal belongings with you at all times. If you walk away from your lunch table, bring your school bag with you or at the very least, bring your valuables with you. During P.E., lock your belongings up in the provided lockers. If your bag does not fit in the locker, remove your valuables and simply lock them up in the locker. If there are other circumstances that do not allow you to lock up your belongings, talk to the locker room attendant or your P.E. teacher.

Do your part in helping to prevent valuables from being stolen from your vehicle. Keep valuable items such as iPods, GPS units, purses, wallets, radar detectors, etc. out of plain sight in your vehicle.

If someone offers to sell you an item at school, do not buy the item. There is a possibility the item may be stolen and you could then be in possession of stolen property.

Do not give out personal information such as passwords to other students. Also, be cautious giving out too much personal information on social networking sites such as Facebook.

Do not agree to meet people you do not know from the Internet.

If you see a crime or are a victim of a crime, report the incident. Incidents can be reported to any adult staff member at the school.

FAQ From Lincolnshire Police

If I do not have on-campus parking privileges, where can I park off campus?
If you park on private property, you need the property owner’s consent; otherwise, if the property owner makes a complaint, a citation may be issued or the vehicle may be towed. Parking citations start at a minimum of $25. Payment of parking tickets can be made by mail or in person at the Village of Lincolnshire, Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

What should I do if I am involved in a minor accident in the school’s parking lot?

All parties present:
Exchange information and notify outside parking lot security. If you would like a police report, security can assist you in notifying the police.

Unoccupied vehicle, owner unknown:
Outside security can assist in finding the vehicle’s owner. Even if the accident seems minor and you believe there is no damage, report the incident to outside security and/or the police. Failure to do so may result in an arrest citation for hit and run.

Victim of a hit and run:
Report incident to one of the school resource officers. If you need an accident report, you will need to provide your driver’s license, vehicle registration number, and insurance card.

Obtain a copy of full accident report:
Information requested will include agency name, report number, and incident date.

Can the police enforce traffic laws in the school’s parking lot?
Yes, the can and they do enforce traffic laws. If you see any reckless driving behavior in the parking lot, please report the incident immediately. If possible, obtain the vehicle’s registration number and note the description of the vehicle’s driver. Contact one of the school resource officers with the information.

How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
Generally, police reports can be requested by contacting Lincolnshire Police Department’s Record Division at 847-883-9900. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Please note, police report requests are sometimes refused or the report may be redacted. This is due primarily to either confidentiality constraints or because the matter is part of an on-going investigation. In most cases, police report requests are restricted to only the parties involved in the incident. To obtain a photocopy of the report, there is a $5 charge, and there may be additional fees for other requested items contained with the report.

What are the hours for curfew?
Curfew is between 12:01 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Saturday; between 12:01 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Sunday; and between 11:00 p.m. on Sunday to Thursday, inclusive and 6:00 a.m. on the following day.

Exceptions: When accompanied and supervised by a parent, legal guardian or other responsible companion at least 18 years of age approved by a parent or legal guardian or unless engaged in business or occupation which the law of this state authorized a person less than 17 years of age to perform.

The Illinois Graduated Drivers License program imposes different curfew times for drivers under 18 years old.  Basically, the curfew hours are one hour sooner if your diver in under 18. For further information, contact the following website: Please note that it is unlawful for a parent, legal guardian or other person to knowingly permit a person in his or her custody to violate curfew provisions.

What is cyber bullying and how can I prevent it from happening to me?
Cyber bullying is verbal harassment that occurs during online activities. Cyber bullying can take many forms. These are a few:

•    Threatening email
•    Nasty instant messaging session
•    Repeated text messages sent to the cell phone
•    A website set up to mock others
•    Using someone’s screen name and pretending to be him/her
•    Forwarding private messages, pictures, or video to others 

Ways to avoid cyber bullying:

•    Don’t give out private information such as passwords, pins, name, address, phone number, school name, or family and friends’ names. Bullies and other harmful people on the Internet can use this information. Don’t reveal your password to your friends, they might reveal it or use in against you in an argument.
•    Don’t exchange pictures or give out e-mail addresses to people you meet on the Internet.  Ask permission from parents when it is necessary to give such information.
•    Don’t send a message when you are angry – it’s hard to undo things that are said in anger.
•    Delete messages from people you don’t know, or those from people who seem angry or mean.
•    When something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t. Get out of the site, chat, etc.
•    Realize that online conversations are not private. Others can copy, print, and share what you say or any pictures you send. Be careful!

What do I need to know about pedestrian safety?
A pedestrian shall obey the instructions of any official traffic-control device specifically applicable to him/her, unless otherwise directed by a police officer. Every pedestrian crossing a roadway at any point other than within a marked crosswalk or within an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection shall yield the right of way to all vehicles upon the roadway. Drivers of vehicles shall yield the right of way, slowing down or stopping if need be to so yield, to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within a crosswalk when the pedestrian is upon the half of the roadway upon which the vehicle is traveling, or when the pedestrian is approaching so closely from the opposite half of the roadway as to be in danger.

Please be aware Route 22 and Stevenson is a busy intersection equipped with a safety signal and crosswalk. All pedestrians entering/exiting onto Stevenson from Route 22 should cross in a safe manner by utilizing the provided signals and crosswalks.

Traffic Safety Information from Lincolnshire PD

Lincolnshire police receives numerous traffic complaints each school year regarding vehicles making illegal traffic maneuvers in front of the school’s Route 22 entrance during the morning rush hour. The two most common infractions leading to tickets are:

•    Eastbound drivers turning left onto Stevenson Drive and blocking the drive, or failing to yield the right of way to westbound traffic turning right onto the drive with a green light.

•    Westbound drivers blocking the Stevenson Drive entrance by turning right on red as eastbound vehicles attempt to make left turns into campus.

All of these illegal maneuvers are moving violations and are offenses that could result in a traffic citation.

Texting Law
Provides that a person may not operate a motor vehicle on a roadway while using an electronic communication device to compose, send, or read an electronic message. Provides that a violation is an offense against traffic regulations governing the movement of vehicles. “Electronic communication device” means an electronic device, including but not limited to a wireless telephone, personal digital assistant, or a portable or mobile computer while being used for the purpose of composing, reading, or sending an electronic message, but does not include a global positioning system or navigation system or a device that is physically or electronically integrated into the motor vehicle. “Electronic message” means a self-contained piece of digital communication that is designed or intended to be transmitted between physical devices. “Electronic message” includes, but is not limited to electronic mail, a text message, an instant message, or a command or request to access an Internet site.

Driver’s License Suspension for Alcohol Consumption
A person under the age of 21 who is found guilty or granted court supervision for a violation of state law or local ordinance relating to illegal consumption, possession, purchase or receipt of alcohol, regardless of whether a vehicle was involved, will face a loss of driving privileges in addition to any fine imposed. Court supervision for any of these offenses will result in a 3-month suspension of driving privileges; a first conviction results in a 6-month suspension of driving privileges; a second conviction results in a 12-month suspension of driving privileges and a third or subsequent conviction will result in a revocation of driving privileges.

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