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Freshman PE

Course Description:
Welcome to Stevenson. This year you will experience many new and exciting opportunities. In physical education, we will be doing a variety of activities that will focus on developing and maintaining physical fitness through individual and team activities. Our goal is to have you learn the basic foundations for leading a healthy and active lifestyle. Emphasis will be on improving the health-related components of fitness, social-emotional learning, and the importance of life long exercise. 
Course Objectives:
By the end of this course, students will be able to:
A.     Participate in daily physical activity.
B.     Know and apply principles and components of health-related fitness.
C.     Exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.
D.    Demonstrates competency in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.
E.     Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness based upon continual self-assessment.
F.     Demonstrate knowledge of rules, safety and strategies during physical activity.
You are expected to participate in P.E. activity on a daily basis. Activities include: football, softball, volleyball, cardio center fitness, badminton/pickle ball, lacrosse, swimming, basketball, team building, etc. Learning targets and activity rules for each unit will be taught in class and will be posted on the Freshmen Physical Education Google Sites page. Each activity unit is about 4 weeks long. The weekly activity schedule is as follows:
·      Mondays – teacher’s choice (scheduled or alternate activity may take place)
·      Tuesdays – scheduled activity
·      Wednesday – warm up jog and scheduled activity
·      Thursday – scheduled activity
·      Friday – warm up jog and scheduled activity
·      All late arrival days are fitness days
  Fitness Testing (2 times per semester)
·      Mile Run – Cardiovascular Strength and Endurance
·      Push Ups- Muscular Strength
·      Curl Ups – Muscular Endurance
·      Sit & Reach – Flexibility
·      Body Mass Index – Estimate of Body Composition based on height and weight
Each week of you will receive a grade of a 5, 3, or 1 on infinite campus. 
·      5 = Passing
·      3 = In danger of failing due to a make up or missing work
·      1 = Failing due to 2 or more make-ups or missing work
·      Points can be deducted for inappropriate attire or behavior, not dressing or participating, missing work, unauthorized tardy or absences, & suspensions. 
Make ups will need to be completed in order to earn points back and pass the term.
·      There will be a written quiz for each unit that you need to pass with an 80% or higher.  If you do not pass you will be required to complete an alternative assignment
·      Additional assessments will be incorporated into each unit
Make-up Policy:
Make-up’s can be completed during study halls or lunch periods (if you are a freshmen, on Friday’s during lunch when there is no FMP). 
·      Attending and participating in another class or going to the fitness or cardio       centers during lunch will fulfill your make up requirement.
·      You will need to talk to your P.E. teacher to get a pass if needed and a make-up card. You are required to complete the assigned make up, have your make-up card signed by the teacher/supervisor you are checked in with and give the signed card back into your P.E. teacher. 
·      All swimming make-ups need to be completed in the pool.
Supplies for P.E. class:
·      P.E. uniform
·      Gym shoes
·      Socks
·      Lock
·      Deodorant
·      Sweat shirt and sweat pants for chilly days outside
·      Girls will need to wear a one-piece bathing suit during the swim unit
·      Sports bra if desired
Other supplies your teacher may require    

Here is the link to schedule a Pool Make-ups

Freshman Curriculum and Expectations

The freshman classroom curriculum is designed to introduce students to the health related fitness components.
Each freshman class participates in 7 classroom sessions throughout the school year. The seven lesson topics are:

Lesson 1 - Introduction to fitness and guidelines of exercise

Lesson 2 - Principles of Cardiovascular Health

Lesson 3 - Muscular Strength and Endurance

Lesson 4 - Flexibility

Lesson 5 - Body Composition

Lesson 6 - Nutrition

Lesson 7 - Skill related fitness and Review

 By the end of the school year, each freshman must take and pass a comprehensive written exam on the above material.

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