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Career Exploration
The CEO program is a Career Program for Stevenson High School students that enables freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors to explore careers in a variety of professions and businesses, and through these experiences, gain the knowledge and confidence necessary for making future career decisions.

The program encompasses many different aspects, all designed to educate the students on career directions and choices:

  • Professional Career presentations.  Throughout the year, we schedule professionals to come in and speak to individual classrooms or groups regarding a specific career or industry.
  • Career Fair.  We hold a biennial Career Fair in which over a hundred different representatives from all types of careers are available to talk one-on-one with students and discuss all areas of their profession. 
  • Internships.  Throughout the year and summer, we can provide students with information on available internships in the area.
  • Career and Job Shadowing.  Students can participate in a half-day to full day job shadow with a mentor in a career field in which they have interest in.  This is a very valuable learning experience and can provide excellent opportunities to establish professional contacts for college internships, employment recommendations, as well as they are a great addition to college applications.
The first step is to fill out an application or schedule an appointment to meet with Mrs. Willock by contacting her at  Applications can be found on this page or in the College and Career Center at Stevenson High School.  After receipt of the application, you will be contacted to set up a personal appointment.

Professions that are available for Job Shadows:
*Physician                                                      *Biomedical Engineer
*Marketing Executive                                  *Actuary
*Mechanical Engineer                                 *Opthamologist
*Financial Analyst                                        *Food Scientist
*Logistics Manager                                       *Executive Chef
*Speech Therapist                                        *Technology Sales Executive
*Vetinary Medicine                                      *Architect
*Chiropractor                                                 *Interior Design
*Lawyer                                                           *Advertising Executive
*Public Relations Executive                        *Physical Therapist
*Sports Trainer                                              *Occupational Therapist
*Investment Banking                                    *Stock Analyst
*Computer Programming                            *Nursing
*Nutrition/Dietitian                                      *Broadcasting
*Dentistry                                                        *Film/Production
*Psychology                                                     *Social Worker
*Sotware Engineer                                         *Management
*Biologist                                                          *Many more....
Different professions are added frequently.  If you do not see a particular area of interest on the list, please discuss this during your appointment.

Interest Inventories
Need help finding the major you want to pursue in college or what type of job you want to have in the future? Use these assessment tools designed to match your interests with career options. Though accessible to all students, freshmen were formally introduced to the Career Interest Profiler in Naviance during advisory beginning with the Class of 2012. All sophomores take the PLAN test which has an interest inventory component. Students wanting insight about themselves and/or clearer view of the world-of-work should spend some time reflecting on the results and exploring and learning about careers on Naviance.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The link below will connect you to the current Occupational Outlook Handbook. This website provides job descriptions, in addition to detailing the following: earnings, training and education needed, working conditions, skills required, advancement opportunities, projected growth, related jobs, and sources of additional information, including websites.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

For information on the Career Exploration Opportunities Program please contact: Diane Willock, Business Liaison at 847-415-4125 or


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