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Our Educational Philosophy

Stevenson's educational program is designed to enable each student to develop to his or her maximum potential. The objectives for the educational program including helping each student to:

  • become a productive and responsible citizen
  • develop the fundamental skills essentail to self-directed, lifelong learning
  • make appropriate educational and career plans
  • learn and apply strategies for logical problem solving and decision making
  • develop self-discipline and a sense of personal responsibility for his or her learning, decisions and actions
  • demonstrate consideration and respect for others
  • make choices consistent with a healthy lifestyle
  • demonstrate the ability to work well with others
  • use technology effectively
A Great Place to Learn
Stevenson's comprehensive and challenging academic, athletic and co-curricular program appeals to its students. Every year, graduating seniors are surveyed to determine the level of satisfaction they had with their high school experience. Here is what the surveys routinely find:
  • More than 90% of students participate in at least one club, activity, sport or intramural program while at Stevenson. Overwhelmingly, students report having had a positive experience while participating in these endeavors.
  • The number of faculty and staff cited by graduating seniors as having had a positive impact on their high school experience is close to 400.
  • More than eight in 10 graduating seniors find their counselor helpful and knowledgeable with academic planning and course selection to meet their needs and future goals. A similar number were satisfied with college advisement, which includes counseling, college programs and application processing.