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Our Vision and Values

Our Stevenson tradition of sustained excellence has been built upon a foundation of the search for continuous improvement and life-long learning - for the students as well as the adults. The Vision and Values Document provides the "imagination" of what it is we hope to become as a school community. It is our vision for the future.

The Board of Education engaged representative members of the community, faculty, support staff, administrators, and students in the development of the vision statement. They helped paint a picture of what we hope Stevenson can become.

Since the inception of our first Vision and Values Document in 1983, our school has been built upon three fundamental vision points:

• Excellence in Education (1983)
• Success for Every Student (1990)
• Teaching and Learning Student Responsibility (1996)

Now we enter into a fourth era at Stevenson, becoming an authentic learning community - the search for sustained excellence becomes our primary vision point.

Creating an exemplary school is an individual and a collective endeavor. Stevenson’s continued and sustained improvement will depend on the extent to which each of us fulfills our respective responsibilities as outlined in this document. The future of our school depends on it.

Eric Twadell, Ph.D.
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